Tea production is one of the major sources of income in the Dooars region apart from the tourism which has gained its popularity in the recent years. Banarhat is a census town in the Jalpaiguri district 65km from Jalpaiguri and 72km from Siliguri, Banarhat is a town surrounding 23 tea gardens in the Dooars Region.

Surrounded by 23 tea gardens Banarhat is the haven for all tea addicts. It is a place which is flourishing in terms of natural beauty, with warm welcoming smile of the people of Banarhat a visit to this town is sure to swell your heart with the gratitude for hospitality shown in Banarhat and be awe-inspired with the astounding view of the tea garden surrounding the town. This is the melting pot of different cultures where the aborigines, the tea garden workers, Marwaris, Asamese, Bengalis and Oriya from both side of the border and Nepalese live together in harmony. Located at the National Highway 31c and having its own rail route Banarhat is well connected with the outside world and making it easier for all tea lovers to reach this safe haven. Apart from adding to the natural charm of the Banarhat the tea garden has ensured that people in and near Banarhat has relatively better standard of living, the tea gardens has been the boon for both the localities and the traveler who is exploring Dooars region.

A cup of tea is all you need to lift your mood explore the different tea estate of Dooars region in Banarhat and be mesmerized by the beauty of the lush tea gardens and let your heart be filled with happiness by the warm nature of the people of Banarhat. Banarhat is one of the places in the Dooars region where you can see the people from different culture living in peace and harmony.

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