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Bhutan Holiday Tour Packages: Guide about Your Tour in Bhutan

Bhutan, the land of "Thunder Dragon", has many unique and attractive places and things to offer to the tourists. If you are looking for the best Bhutan Holiday Packages, you have come to the right place. Whatever your travel requirements are, you will always find suitable Bhutan Travel Packages at North Bengal Tourism. Whether you need Bhutan Packages for your family and friends or Bhutan Honeymoon Packages for your partner, North Bengal Tourism can always help you find the best Bhutan Holiday Packages. Be it a simple tour with your family, an intense trekking and exploring tour with friends, a romantic trip with your loved one, there is always a Bhutan Holiday Package for you. Moreover, explore all the tailor-made tour itineraries, choose the suitable one for you or customize it as per your preferences. To help you spend a smooth and enjoyable Bhutan Tour, we have shared some tips and tricks for you such as the best time to visit, how to reach, foods to eat, things to do and so on.

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Q. What is the Best Time to Spend a Holiday in Bhutan?

Due to the variety of altitudes, Bhutan is located in; the weather of Bhutan varies from South to North or from East to West. Hence, you can visit Bhutan at any time of the year. But still, October to December and March to May are the finest months to spend your holiday in Bhutan. If you are eager to indulge yourself in trekking activities and want a breathtaking view of the mountains and valleys, October to December is the months for you. And if you want to see Bhutan with the colorful valleys with blooming flowers, March to May are the months for you. Throughout these months, the mountain peaks remain clearly visible. As a result, you can enjoy a mesmerizing holiday in Bhutan after opting for any Bhutan Holiday Packages for these months.

Q. How to Reach Bhutan to Spend a Holiday?

Reaching Bhutan is an easy task as there are plenty of options available. From India, entering Bhutan is quite easy. Bhutan is nicely connected by road with India. Phuentsholing is the border town of Bhutan, whereas Jaigaon is the city of India near Bhutan. So, after reaching Jaigaon, get the Inner Line Permit and quite comfortably reach Bhutan. Moreover, Bhutan can also be reached by air. Paro Airport is the maiden airport in Bhutan. Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air offer flights for passengers and most of the international flights are direct.

Q. What are the Most visited Touristy Places to Explore with Our Bhutan Holiday Packages?

Bhutan is yet to explore completely as it remained closed for the outsiders for many years. There are many tourists' destinations in Bhutan and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Thimpu: Thimpu is the largest city, the business hub and the capital of Bhutan. As it is the heart of Bhutan, there are many attractive places you can see and indulge you in a variety of activities. Some of the major sightseeing places in Thimpu are Trashi Chho Dzong, Changangkha Lhakhang, Weekend Market, Tango Goemba, National Memorial Chorten, Motithang Takin Preserve, Dechen Phodrang, National Library of Bhutan, Simply Bhutan, National Institute for Zorig Chusum, etc.
  • Paro: Paro is an ancient yet fascinating valley of Bhutan. Surrounded by rice fields, green vegetation, Paro is blessed with many century-old monasteries, constructions, and attractive sites. Thus Paro is included in all our Bhutan Holiday Packages. Some of the fascinating sightseeing places are Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple, Paro Taktsang Monastery, Airport View Point, Paro Weekend Market, Zuri Dzong Fort, Paro Dzong, National Museum of Bhutan, Kyichu Lakhang, etc.
  • Punakha: Punakha is one of the major attractions of Bhutan and was also the previous capital of this tiny country. Replete with many breathtaking monasteries, temples and many renowned places, Punakha is thriving as one of the most visited tourist destinations of Bhutan. Some of the tourist destinations of Punakha are Punakha Dzong, Chimi Lhakhang, Dochula Pass, Jigme Dorji National Park, The Khamsam Yulley Namgyal Chorten and many more.
  • Haa Valley and Chele La Pass: Your Bhutan Tour will stay incomplete if you don't include and visit Haa Valley and Chele La Pass in your Itinerary. Haa Valley is also the most visiting place in Bhutan. Situated just 30 km away from Paro, it is one of the most beautiful valleys. Surrounded by mountains and vast grasslands, this tranquil place is filled with traditions and festivity. During your journey to Haa valley, you will first encounter with Chele La Pass. Situated at an altitude of 3988, here you can enjoy the serene ambiance of nature and the snow-peaked mountains. You can even visit some nearby temples like Lhakhang Karpo, Tagchu Goemba, Dobji, etc.
  • Bumthang Valley: The land with huge spiritual significance, Bumthang Valley is also a must-visit place in Bhutan. Located at an elevation of 2600 meters, this breathtaking valley has plenty of ancient temples to visit.
Q. What is the Major Sightseeing Places You Can Travel with Our Bhutan Holiday Packages?

As you already know, Bhutan has plenty of sightseeing places to visit too. Whether you want to explore Buddhist monasteries, temples or significant monuments or architectures, Bhutan has all the things you need.

  • Taktsang Monastery: Popularly known as the "Tiger Nest", Taktsang Monastery is one of the major attractions of Paro. This ancient Cliffside monastery has all the elements to soothe the mind of every thirsty traveler. Have an intense trekking experience while reaching to this cliffside monastery.
  • Rinpung Dzong: Surrounded by green alpine trees, Pa Chu River and scenic hills Rinpung Dzong is an astonishing monastery to explore. Situated in the heart of the Paro city, you can even witness the famous Paro Teschu here.
  • National Museum of Bhutan: If you are fond of history and want to know the past of Bhutan, the National Museum of Bhutan is the perfect place for you. Get to know the indigenous culture, artifacts, and tradition of Bhutan while exploring all the six floors of this museum.
  • Kyichu Lakhang: Kyichu Lakhang is an ancient yet beautiful monastery which was built in the 7th century. This monastery has an orange tree that always stays full of oranges. Moreover, there are also multiple breathtaking statues of Jowo Sakyamuni and Chenrezig are located here.
  • Buddha Dordemna: Situated in the heart of Thimpu, Buddha Dordemna is a humongous Buddha statue. This gigantic Buddha statue is 169 meters tall which also houses 125000 small Buddha statues inside. One Lakhs of little Buddha are 8 inches tall whereas 25000 are 12 inches tall.
  • Jigme Dorji National Park: The second-largest park in the entire Bhutan, Jigme Dorji National Park is the ideal place to spend a peaceful time while watching the various wildlife of this park. Here you can spot Bengal Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan Blue Ships, etc.
  • Mohitang Takin Preserve: Takin is the national animal of Bhutan and Mohitang Takin Preserve is the natural habitat of them. You can visit them closely in the morning as they come out near the fence to eat.
  • Memorial Chorten: Built in the memory of Bhutan's third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, Memorial Chorten is believed to be one of the most sacred places of Bhutan. Local Bhutanese people come here daily to worship.
  • Gangtey Monastery: Situated at an elevation of 2800 meters, Gangtey Monastery is a fascinating monastery of Bhutan. You will get a breathtaking view of Phobjika Vally and the scenic mountains.
  • National Library of Bhutan: Built-in 1967, the National Library of Bhutan is the center of many Bhutanese arts and ancient books. The building is built in the beautiful Bhutanese tradition where you can read and know the ancient history of Bhutan.
Q. What to Eat When You Spend Holiday in Bhutan?

In Bhutan, you can try a variety of delicious foods. You will find Nepali, Tibetan, and Indian mixed foods all over Bhutan. But there are also many Bhutanese authentic meals you can try, such as

  • Goep: Goep is delicious Bhutanese food you can try during your holiday in Bhutan. Usually made with dried chilies, it is also made with other vegetables and green onions.
  • Momo: Bhutanese people love momos and you are going to love them too. This Tibetan-Style dumpling is steamed and stuffed with various meats and vegetables. The option of fried momo is also there if you prefer the fried one the most.
  • Datshi Group of Foods: In Bhutan, there are plenty of foods whose names end with "Datshi" and they are Ema Datshi, Shamu Datshi, Kewa Datshi, Shakam Ema Datshi, Gondo Datshi, etc. All of them have different tastes and you can't resist trying them all. Here "Datshi" refers to the foods with cheese.
  • Paa Family of Foods: Like the Datshi family of foods, Paa family of foods also tastes delicious and some of them are Sikam Paa, Sakam Paa, Phaksha Paa, etc.
  • Bhutanese Drinks: There are plenty of drinks you can try and taste too in Bhutan. Bhutanese Butter tea Suja is the unique one you can taste. Moreover, you can even try many Bhutanese types of liquor such as K5 Whiskey, Grain Whiskey, Royal XXX Rum, Takin Red Wine, Vintria Dry Wine, Raven vodka, etc.
  • Red Rice: Bhutan is the largest red rice production country and it is also quite popular among Bhutanese people. Replete with high nutritious value, red rice usually tastes nutty and can be eaten with many other Bhutanese dishes such as Ema Datshi, Shamu Datsi, Khema Datshi and with many other delicious dishes.
Q. Do you need a Visa to Visit Bhutan?

If you live in India, Bangladesh or Maldives, you don't need a Visa. Indian nationals just need to bring Voter Id issued by the Election Commission of India. Except for these three countries, other countries people need a Visa to enter Bhutan.

Q. What are the activities you can do while holidaying in Bhutan?

You can indulge yourself in plenty of things in Bhutan and they are -

  • Trekking: Trek through the hilly terrains of Bhutan, discover some fascinating places and soothe your mind while enjoying the serene ambiance of nature
  • Sightseeing: Explore all the sightseeing places in Bhutan. Get amazed by seeing their serene ambiance.
  • Photography: Capture all the memories in photographic form and cherish them throughout your life.
  • Cycling: Indulge yourself in cycling to discover some of the remote villages of Bhutan.
  • River Rafting: Try one of the intense outdoor activities called river rafting where you have to navigate a river by an inflatable raft.
  • Rock Climbing: Bhutan is full of mountains. Hence, indulge yourself in the thrilling rock climbing activity and get a magnificent view of the surrounding places.
  • Kayaking: Try an intense outdoor activity named Kayaking through the Bhutanese rivers and feel the adrenaline rush in the entire body.
  • Bike Riding: Ride a bike through the hilly terrain of Bhutan and get an intense journey experience to be cherished forever.
  • Bird Watching: Bhutan has over six hundred bird species which makes it a paradise for bird watchers.
  • Archery: Declared as the national sport in Bhutan in 1971, you can test your Archery skill.
Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Bhutan?

As Bhutan is a place with a rich heritage and culture, Bhutan offers a good shopping experience in handicrafts, textile, jewelry, and many other wooden products. You can buy these items from various shopping centers such as Lungtha Handicrafts, National Handicraft Emporium, Druk Jewelry, Sorji Jewellery Gift Shop, Bhimraj Store, Lungta Handicrafts, etc.

Q. What are the public transportations you can take in Bhutan?

Bhutan does not have many options when it comes to public transportation. There are no railway tracks in Bhutan, but you can get cars, taxis and buses. Buses usually stay too crowded. Hence, a private taxi is the best option to travel in Bhutan.

Q. Is Bhutan safe to visit?

Bhutan, as its tagline suggests, is a peaceful country with the least criminal cases. People are friendly, helpful and also co-operative. In the weather point of view, it is advisable to visit Bhutan during autumn and spring as the condition of roads and places stays quite charming during these seasons.

Q. What are the documents you need to carry while holidaying in Bhutan?

If you are an Indian citizen, you have to carry your Voter Identity Card issued by Election Commission of India, 4 recent passport size photographs and an Inner Line Permit while entering Bhutan. Moreover, children below 5 years required to bring their birth certificate. But, if you are a citizen of any other country except India, Bangladesh or Maldives, you have to bring your Visa, passport size photographs and an Identity card.

Q. What are the things you should do before and during your tour in Bhutan?

Whenever and wherever you go to spend your holiday, it is always advisable to stay prepared. Here, you will get to know some valuable information regarding your trip to Bhutan.

  1. If you are not a citizen of India, Bangladesh and the Maldives, you have to apply for a Visa 30 days before your scheduled journey.
  2. Everyone needs an Inner Line Permit to enter Bhutan. You have to request for an ILP from the Migration Office of Bhutan.
  3. Indian Currency is acceptable in Bhutan. Hence you can bring Indian Currency along with you except the notes of 500 and 2000 rupees as most of the local vendors do not accept them.
  4. Always bring a master card with you as Visa or any other credit or debit cards are not supported here in Bhutan.
  5. Always respect the tradition and culture of Bhutan as Bhutanese people quite conscious and preservative about their history and culture.
  6. Read instruction or take permission before taking a picture of any places or architectures.
  7. Always use your right hands while giving and receiving something as it indicates your good manner.
  8. It is always advisable to wear modest clothes during your tour in Bhutan, especially while visiting temples, dzongs, and monasteries.
  9. While giving tips to the drivers, waiters or anyone, always use an envelope.
  10. Always stay careful of street dogs as not all are going to be friendly with you.
Q. What you should not do while traveling to Bhutan?

If you are going to visit this fascinating country with our Travel Packages of Bhutan, you must know and follow some of the cautions and they are as mentioned below.

  • Don't smoke in Bhutan, especially in public places as smoking and selling Tobacco is completely prohibited in Bhutan.
  • Don't enter temples, monasteries or Dzong with shoes. Always take them off outside.
  • Usually, don't wear modern dresses while traveling in Bhutan. Wear modestly as local people are usually preservative while it comes to clothes.
  • Bhutanese people consider the members of the Royal family as gods. So, don't pass negative remarks or jokes about the Royal Family.
  • Don't wear hats and sunglasses when you will enter any monasteries in Bhutan.