Damdim in Dooars

Falling under the Malbazar sub-division DamDim is a small village which is famous for its tea estates and moist deciduous forest. Located 8km away from Mal and 53km from Jalpaiguri on the lap of Dooars region DamDim is catching many tea lovers attention. The name Dam Dim has its origins in the name of an insect – Dim Dima, found in the North East. An interesting anecdote supports the origin of the name. Immediately after the fire in the Hatkhola factory, the engineer entrusted with the refurbishing of the place, was apparently quite fed up with the monotonous Carte – Du – Jour. His breakfast, which mostly comprised of an omelet or some other egg preparation, was not much to his liking. Here eggs are known as 'Deem'. Having been quite hassled about his regular meal, his frequent outbursts 'Damn Deem', gave rise to its current name. In and around this small village there are many enchanting spots noteworthy among them are Dam Dim Tea Estate, Gorubathan, Gorumara National Park, Bindu, Murti, Samsing and Lataguri.

Surrounded by lush tea garden Damdim has Tea Estate which is spread over an area of about 1500 hectares with 738 hectares of planted tea. The estate is divided into three divisions namely – Hatkhola, Barrons and the North Grant Division. Research on the origins of the estate and the name 'Dam Dim' itself reveals quite a few interesting discoveries. Travelers can still enjoy the rich colonial culture in the Tea Gardens of Dam Dim. The 150 year old heritage Tea Garden Bungalow named as “burra sahib bunglow” is another attraction here. This place was the residence of the manager of Dam Dim Tea Estate. Now the burra sahibs are gone but efforts are underway to restore the bungalows to their past glory and give the well-heeled traveler a taste of the planter's lifestyle.

Make Tea not War-tony Python. Tea is the most popular drink of the world beside coffee it is drank in many forms and for different purposes throughout the world. Every cup is supposed to reduce stress, add immunization capacity and sometime helps mending relation. Very few people know the effort behind every cup of this popular drink which has been cultured for the past 200 years. The ideal place to explore about this tea culture retained from past 2 decade and relish the heritage site is no other than Damdim Tea estate. Damdim is known to be the haven for tea addicts and it tends to lure them with the fragrance of fresh tea leaves which captivate their mind. Take a stroll amidst the lush tea garden at Damdim and enjoy the color riot of pictorial view of tea garden with backdrop view of moist deciduous forest.

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