Dooars Car Rental Service

Dooars Car Rental Services

Nestled in the foothills of Eastern Himalaya, Dooars is one of the very few places where nature is so green with its astounding beauty. Situated at a height from 90 meters to 1750 meters, Dooars region is a boundless place occupying the plains of the Darjeeling District, the whole of Jalpaiguri District and the upper region of Cooch Behar District in West Bengal.

Blessed with abundant flora and fauna, spectacular tea gardens, dense mysterious forests, and Teesta River are some of the attractions of Dooars which are enough to lure any holidaymakers. As Dooars is a huge stretch with a sparse population, a convenient vehicle from a trustworthy agency is necessary for a smooth movement.

With North Bengal Tourism Dooars Car Rental Service, travelers can comfortably travel to most of the tourist destinations of Dooars. Some of the renowned places to visit with us are- Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Rocky Island, Murti, Gajoldoba, Suntalekhola, Alipurduar, Hasimara, Hollong, Madarihat, Birpara, etc.

Whether your picking point is Jalpaiguri Town Station, New Mal Junction, New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP), Bagdogra Airport or any other places, just contact us and we will pick and drop you to your desired location.

Car Rental Service for Garumara

Lataguri is a tiny yet fascinating hamlet quite popular for Garumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Blessed with rich bio-diversity, Lataguri attracts thousands of holidaymakers to experience Jungle Safari, elephant safari, and its diverse wildlife.

The most convenient way to reach Lataguri is by road. There are plenty of cars and taxis available from Siliguri. But when you will try to hire one of them, the driver will ask for high car fare. In this situation, North Bengal Tourism's Lataguri Car Rental Service is the best option to opt for.

Whether your picking point is NJP to Lataguri or New Mal Junction to Lataguri, always get the lowest car or taxi price. Moreover, after landing at Bagdogra, you can also opt for our service. Now, have a blissful journey towards Lataguri with our friendly driver who will pick and drop to your location safely.

Car Rental Service for Jaldapara

Alipurduar is a renowned tourist destination in Dooars. Due to its alluring tourist attractions such as Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti Hills, Buxa Fort, Jaldapara National Park, Alipurduar is thriving rapidly as a major choice of travelers in Dooars.

With North Bengal Tourism's Dooars Car Rental Service, you can visit Alipurduar quite easily without worrying much about high car fare and comfort. We offer Dooars taxi or car rental for Alipurduar's Jaldapara National Park, Chilapata Forest, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Buxa Fort, etc from many pick up stations such as- NJP, Hasimara Railway Station, New Mal Junction, Coochbehar, Maynaguri, and even Bagdogra Airport.

Car Rental Service for Murti

Murti is a tiny yet famous destination situated beside Murti River and between Chapramari Forest and Gorumara National Park. It is an ideal picnic spot which offers a mesmerizing view lush green forest. Spending an entire day at leisure on the riverbank of Murti is also a great thing to do here.

Being an offbeat destination, it is hard to find a car or taxi to reach Murti. But, with our Dooars Car Rental Service, you can reach Murti at any time of the year. All you have to do is just contact to book a car before your scheduled journey.

Car Renting for Jhalong, Bindu and Paren

Very Close to Murti, there are three renowned offbeat destinations in Dooars named Jhalong, Bindu and Paren. Jhalong is a quaint hamlet located near Indo-Bhutan Border. Sited along the riverbank of Jaldhaka River, Jhalong is quite popular for Jaldhaka Hydel Project.

Bindu is another offbeat destination near Indo-Bhutan Border. Bindu Dam, one of the oldest hydroelectric projects between India and Bhutan, is constructed here. Tourists are not allowed to visit the dam but the scenic view of colorful Himalayan Birds flying above it makes the Dam worth visiting from a distance.

Reasons to Choose Our Dooars Car Rental Service

There are not one but plenty of reasons to choose our Dooars Car Rental Service and they are as mentioned below.

  • North Bengal Tourism's Pick-up points are flexible. It means that we can pick you up from any stations of Dooars such as New Mal Junction, New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP), Hasimara Railway Station, Alipurduar Railway station, Bagdogra Airport and many more.
  • You will always get the lowest car fare available as we believe in honest pricing.
  • An always smiling, a co-operative driver is always given as here at North Bengal Tourism Customers is our highest priority.
  • Booking our Car is quite convenient. All you have to do is just a phone call.
  • Why just a car? Book an entire Dooars Tour Package from us and get rid of the hassle of booking accommodation and meals separately.