FalakataFalakata is a historic town of West Bengal located in the Alipurduar district.

History Of Falakata

In the olden times Falakata used to be a trading center for various commercial products and artifacts which were traded with the Greeks between the 1st and 2nd century B.C. until the end of 3rd century A.D. along the banks of the Hooghly River. When Bengal was ruled by the Mughal Empire, an individual was appointed at various divisions known as the Mahal. The British East India Company first established their cantonment in the year 1772. Government establishment were seen created in and around Falakata during the reign of the British Raj.

During the 19th century this place became the most important military and center of operation of the British rule. Many historic events took place in Falakata during the 19th century. One such event was the Sepoy mutiny. The British hanged sentenced an entire regiment to death. In the year 1947, India achieved independence and the place Falakata was under the administration of the West Bengal state.

Culture, Language, And Festival Of Falakata

Since Falakata is located in West Bengal, people of Falakata mainly belong to Bengali community. People from other religion, caste and sect also reside in and around Falakata. This multi lingual town has many language but Bengali is the most spoken language in Falakata.All the festivals in Falakata are celebrated with great prompt with Holi and Navratri being the two main festivals. Rice, seafood, sweets and vegetables form an integral part in the cuisine of Falakata.

Tourist Attraction Around Falakata

Falakata not only holds the historical essence in it but it also act as a bridge towards many picturesque locations. Situated at a distance of 85km from New Jalpaiguri Falakata is also the access point to many tea plantation areas of the Dooars region and west Bengal hill. Falakata is located between Suntalekhola, Jaldapara, Cooch-Behar and Rajabhatkhawa. With the touch of history it also has many places to explore nearby like Neora Valley National Park, and Chilapata Forest. Falakata is an ideal place to visit for the travelers who loves to dwell in a town where there is a historical significance and as well as Falakata can also be the base for the adventure seeker who wants to explore the Dooars region which is famous for its natural beauty and trekking route through the dense forest area.

Falakata Tourist Spots

There are many scenically blessed tourist spots in Falakata which has hyped the interest of travelers visiting Falakata.Kunjanagar Eco-Park: Kunjanagar Eco-Park is the most tourist attraction of Falakata. Located 8km from Falakata, Kunjanagar Eco-Park is an ecologically thriving destination. It is a famous picnicking site of Falakata where tourist can indulge in activities like boating and bird watching. Visitors will also find a watch tower and animal rescue centre within the premises of Kunjanagar Eco-Park.

Dalgaon: Located 20km from Falakata is Dalgaon a picturesque blessed hamlet of North Bengal. This scenic hamlet is one of the favored tourist spots of Falakata. Surrounded by the daunting hills, the prime attraction of Dalgaon is the Dalgaon View Point. Situated at an altitude of 2500ft Dalgaon View Point offers a mesmerizing vista of Bhutan hills and luxuriant forest and shimmering river stream of Dooars Region.

Best Time To Visit Falakata

The best time to visit Falakata is during winter season when the weather of Falakata remains soothing and less humid.

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