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  • Bodaganj Eco Tourism Centre

Bodaganj Eco Tourism Centre

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Bodaganj Eco-Tourism Centre, situated in Jalpaiguri District is a WBFDC (West Bengal Forest Department Corporation) Forest Bungalow. Surrounded by luxuriant tea garden and verdant forest Bodaganj Forest Bungalow is famous for its serene ambiance and scenic beauty. There is a watch tower in Bodaganj which is ideal for bird watching and spotting wild animals.

Untarnished by the hassle of daily life, Bodaganj Eco-Tourism is a resort located in a secluded area of Dooars. It is a perfect place to spend some lone time to relish the wonders of nature.

Things to do in Bodaganj Eco-Tourism: Enclosed by the mesmerizing subtropical forest, bird watching is one of the famous things to do in Bodaganj Eco-Tourism Centre. Another famous tourist activity of Bodaganj is taking a tour around the tea garden. During this tour they can learn about the plantation method of Dooars Region.

Places to visits around Bodaganj Eco-Tourism Centre

Apart from relishing the serene ambiance and surreal natural beauty, tourist lodging in Bodaganj Eco-Tourism Centre can visit many astounding destinations.

Bhramri Devi Temple: Bhramri Devi Temple is one of the 51 Shakti peethas in West Bengal. It is one of the famous places to visit while staying in Bodaganj Eco-Tourism Centre. Bhramri Devi Temple is a sacred temple in West Bengal. And according to hindu mythology in this very place, leg of Devi Sati had fallen. During auspicious day pilgrims from far and wide travel to Bodaganj to visit Bhramri Devi Temple. This hallowed temple is located at a 10 minutes walking distance from Bodaganj Eco-Tourism.

Teesta Barrage: Located at a distance of 30km is Teesta Barrage another famous place to visit around Badoganj. It is one of the biggest water projects of the region. The marshy land around Teesta Barrage is ideal breeding ground for the migratory water fowls of Central Asia and Ladakh. Hence during winter season Teesta Barrage become the paradise for the avid birdwatchers visiting Dooars region.

Baikunthapur Forest: Located adjacent to Bodaganj Eco-Tourism in the western region of Dooars is the mythical forest of Baikunthapur. According to the famous legend, Lord Krishna went into the hiding with his principal wife and queen Rukmani in the verdant forest of Baikunthapur. Blessed with rich flora and fauna it is another famous place to visit in Badoganj.

Shikarpur Tea Garden: Enclosing the quaint village of Bodaganj, Shikarpur Tea Garden is another famous attraction for the tourist lodging in the forest bungalow of Bodaganj. Visitors can take a tour around the lush tea garden and watch the tea leaves being plucked and send for the further processing.

How to reach Bodaganj

Situated in the Jalpaiguri District, visitors can easily reach Bodaganj by boarding a train for Jalpaiguri Road Station and Jalpaiguri Town Station. From Bodaganj Eco-Tourism Centre Jalpaiguri Road Station and Jalpaiguri Town Station are situated at a distance of 17km and 21km respectively . After reaching the respective junction visitors can either hire a car to reach Badoganj. Or they can take a shared auto till the quaint village of Bodaganj.

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