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  • Dighali Tourism Property
  • Dighali Tourism Property
  • Dighali Tourism Property

Dighali Tourism Property
(Digha Tourist Lodge)

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Dighali tourism property is an endowment of the West Bengal government to accommodate tourists visiting Digha. Earlier known as Digha Tourist Lodge, this glistering well-kept tourist lodge offers you to have a wonderful staying option on your Digha trip. Enjoy the comfortable sojourn at the tourist lodge and explore the rejuvenating sea beach at Digha.

The tourist lodge offers you to have a wonderful time on the coast. Located in old Digha under the district of East Midnapore, Dighali Tourism Property is the perfect niche for your vacation in Digha. Moreover, the situation of the lodge offers you to settle yourself near the sea beach. Hence, it is quite easy to unwind at the coastal ambiance and relish the mesmerizing aura of the sea.

Digha is one of the popular tourist destinations in West Bengal. Lying on the northern end of Bay of Bengal, the Digha sea is only coastal attraction in the region. Therefore, you can have a delighting experience staying in Digha tourist lodge. Visit to the beach and spend some quality time as well as relish the seaming view of the mighty sea.

After having an amazing time spent on the surroundings, return to your tourist lodge to sit back and enjoy the cozy accommodation. With the vast offerings of the facilities, the government lodge maintains hygiene and utmost cleanliness of their rooms.

Amenities of Dighali Tourism Property

As you visit the lodge, you will be pleased with the service. Dighali Tourism Property tends to provide you the best amenities to satisfy you. In brief, to have a relaxing overnight stay, the staff gives you a wonderful service as well as the lodge has all sorts of basic needs to make your stay at an ease. The following are the facilities you will get on your stay at Digha Tourist Lodge.

How to reach Digha Tourist Lodge

Digha is a very famous tourist spot in West Bengal. Therefore, the mode of transportation is also very convenient. There are direct train services which connect the Digha railway station. From the railway station, you can easily get any vehicle to reach Dighali Tourism Property. From the Digha railway station, the tourist lodge is around 2.5 kilometers. On the other hand, Digha is quite close to Kolkata, hence, you can avail the flight service as well. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Dum Dum is the nearest airport. From the airport, it takes 4 hours long way to cover 190 kilometers. There are several trains or buses to reach Dighali Tourism Property.

How to book Dighali Tourism Property

To book the government tourism property at Digha, we are the best option to give you the hassle-free service. Due to the reputation and service of the Digha tourist lodge, many tourists gather here for their stay. We promise to provide you a flexible way to choose your room and get it booked. To summarize, depending on the availability of the rooms, we can book your preferred one.

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