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  • Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre

Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre

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Garchumuk situated on the confluence of River Hooghly and River Damodar is an offbeat destination of Howrah District. The scenic view of two rivers with the backdrop of daunting hills has made Garchumuk a favored picnic spot midst the lap of Mother Nature. Lodging in Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre is the best way to enjoy the beauty of this river confluence.

Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre

Endowed with pictorial scenario West Bengal Forest Department Corporation (WBDFC), has built a nature resort in Garchumuk for the travelers who wants to relish the tranquil beauty of Garchumuk. Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre also known as Garchumuk Forest Rest House has two buildings. One building of Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre consists of 4 rooms and another building consists of 2 rooms. The distance between these two buildings is 2 km.

Things to do in Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre: Beings sited along the confluence of two splendid rivers the most famous activity for the guest staying in Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre is boating in the serene stream of Damodar and Hooghly. The river banks of Damodar and Hooghly are also ideal for picnicking.

Places to visit around Garchumuk

Apart from indulging in activities like boating and picnicking guest can visit astounding place while lodging in Garchumuk Forest Rest House.

Atanna Gate: Atanna Gate is the prime attraction for the guest staying in Garchumuk Forest Rest House. It is a water barrage where visitors can see the gate with 58 locks. The marshy area of Atanna Gate creates a prefect ambiance for housing a large number of avifauna. During winter season guest can see the migratory water fowls from Central Asia and Ladakh in Atanna Gate making it a paradise for avid bird watchers.

Garchumuk Deer Park: Dotted with thick wooden subtropical forest is another famous tourist attraction in Garchumuk, the Garchumuk Deer Park. As the name suggest the dense forest is the abode of the elegant Deers. Sprawled with rolling green lawn, Garchumuk Deer Park is also an ideal place for bird watching. Sine the park house a vast collection of birds like Koel, Papia, Tree Pipit, and Rose Ring Parakeet. On the way to Garchumuk Deer Park visitors will come across an irrigational canal which offers an exquisite vista of River Ganga. River Ganga is a sacred river stream and is associated with many astounding legends.

58 gate Children Park: Overlooking the shimmering stream of River Ganga is the 58 Gate Children Park. It is another famous places to visit while staying in Garchumuk Eco Tourism Centre. Situated on the river confluence Damodar and Hooghly the prime attraction of 58 Gate Children Park is the Peacock House. 58 Gate Children Park of Garchumuk is a famous weakened destination for the people of Howrah.

How to reach Garchumuk

The closest railway station from Garchumuk is in Ulberia at a distance of 15km. But first visitors need to board a train for Howrah as there is not direct train leading towards Ulberia Railway Station. It is a one hour journey from Howrah to Ulberia Railway Station. Then from Ulberia Railway Station Visitors can easily reach Garchumuk by hiring a taxi.

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