• Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House
  • Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House

Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House

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Gorubathan, situated on banks of River Neora is a pictorial hamlet of Kalimpong District. Commonly known as Sombare, Gorunbathan is famous for its verdant ecology. Gorunbathan got its name as Sombare for the weekly Monday market. In native language the word "Sombare" stands for "Monday". Gorubathan is not only a scenic place but it is also a tourist rush free places. And the best way relish the beauty of this serene place is by staying in Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House.

Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House

West Bengal Forest Department Corporation has built a Nature Education and Wilderness Resort midst the verdant forest of Gorubathan. Famous for its excellent service Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House is the best place to stay in Gorubhathan. Not only the service is good but Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House lets the tourist relish the rustic lifestyle of this offbeat destination.

Things to do in Gorubathan: Situated along the banks of cascading river stream of Neora, guest staying in Gorubathan WBFDC Forest Rest House can indulge in angling and partake in trekking as the forest bounding Gorubathan is dotted with astounding trekking route. The banks of river Neora are also an ideal place for picnicking in Gorubathan.

Places to visit in Gorubathan

Apart from showing an astounding vista of scenic gorge, lush tea garden and daunting hill there are also many pictorial places to visit in Gorubathan.

Dalim Fort: Sited atop a hill near Gorubathan is the ancient fort of Dalim or what remains of it. Surrounded by lush forest, Dalim Fort is one of the famous places to visit in Gorubathan. Visitors need to trek through alpine forest to reach Dalim Fort. The trail leading towards Dalim Fort are also ideal for bird watching. Since, Dalim Fort is sited on the hill top, it famous for offering the panoramic view of lush forest enclosed by meandering river stream.

Faforkheti: Situated amidst the dense forest and lush tea garden, Faforkheti is another famous destination of Gorubathan. Endowed with abundance of nature, Faforkheti is a quaint settlement famous as picnicking destination of the region.

Lava: Lava, overlooking the Great Himalayas is a scenic village of Kalimpong District. Famous for its breathtaking view of snowcapped fortress, Lava is a must visit tourist destination while staying in Gorubathan. Situated at the periphery of Neora Valley, Lava is also the base for exploring the verdant forest of Neora.

How to reach Gorubathan:

Gorubathan is located at a distance of 50km from Siliguri and 90km from Kalimpong. From Siliguri visitors can either directly hire a taxi, the most convenient way to reach Gorubathan. Or they can board the State Bus to reach Gorubathan. From Kalimpong visitors need to hire a car to reach Gorubathan.

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