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Hollong Tourist Lodge

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The clearest way into the universe is through the wilderness and Hollong Tourist Lodge is a perfect place to stay to explore the wilderness of Jaldapara National park. Jaldapara is a National Park situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in northern West Bengal and on the banks of the Torsa River. Jaldapara is situated at an altitude of 61 m and is spread across 216.51 km2 (83.59 sq mi) of vast grassland with patches of riverine forests. Sited amidst the dense forest Hollong Tourist Lodge was inaugurated and maintained by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC).

Hollong Tourist Lodge also known as Hollong Bungalow with its 5 double bedrooms which are big spacious and clean has become the best place to stay while visiting Jaldapara National Park. The amazing location of Hollong Bungalow is another plus point. The narrow road through the dense woods leads you to the beautiful WBTDC Hollong Tourist Lodge which is approx. 7-8 km inside the forest.

The journey from the highway towards the Hollong Bungalow in itself is kind of a safari because you never know when an elephant or a Rhino standby gazing at you. Your exploring will start even before you reach Hollong Tourist Lodge due to its wonderful location amidst the green forest. All the forests of Dooars region, including Jaldapara National Park, remain closed during the monsoon season from 15th June-16th September. Being a govt. bungalow the booking for Hollong Tourist Lodge is done in advance.

Activities to do in and around Hollong

Hollong Tourist Lodge is the located deep inside the Jaldapara National Park which gives a sense of closeness toward nature for all the guests. There is salt pit right outside the lodge which is maintained by the forest official. Forest official go and place salt at the pit regularly to attract wild animals like elephants, gaurs, Indian Bison, one-horned rhino, deer-like Chitals, Sambars etc. The Elephant Safari of Jaldapara National Park is very popular and famous for spotting wild animals in the jungle. The forest department has been operating elephant safari from Hollong Tourist Lodge since a long time and the guest staying at Hollong gets the first priority for the elephant jungle safari.

Tourist Attractions of Jaldapara Hollong Bungalow

One of the prime attractions of Hollong Tourist Lodge is the Jaldapara Elephant Safari. Staying in Hollong can be an amazing experience for the wildlife photographer and the nature lover. Jaldapara is a paradise for bird watchers. It is one of the very few places in India, where the Bengal florican is sighted. The other birds to be found here are the crested eagle, Pallas's fish eagle, shikra, Finn's weaver, jungle fowl, peafowl (peacock), partridge, and lesser pied hornbill. Pythons, monitor lizards, kraits, cobras, geckos, and about eight species of freshwater turtles can also be found here. The main attraction of the Jaldapara National Park is Indian One-horned Rhino and the other animals in the park includes are barking deer, Indian leopard, spotted deer, hog deer, wild pigs, bison, Indian elephant and sambar.

A paradise for the nature lover inside the mystic forest is none other than Hollong Tourist Lodge. Inside the wild and beautiful forest where the traveller gets firsthand experience with nature. Spotting herds of wild elephant right outside the window this can only be seen from the Hollong tourist Lodge. Hollong Tourist Lodge is the destination for all the people who wants to seclude themselves from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives and enjoy the serene environment of the forest life.

How to reach Hollong Tourist Lodge

Located at a distance of 135km from Siliguri visitors can directly hire a car from Siliguri to reach Hollong Tourist Lodge. Visitors hailing from another region can board a train for NJP. NJP is the closest railway station from Hollong Bungalow. The distance between NJP to Jaldapara being the only 125km. They can also board a flight for Bagdogra. At a distance of 145km Bagdogra is the closest airport from Jaldapara. Visitors can rent a car from NJP or hire a taxi from Bagdogra to reach Hollong Tourist Lodge.

How to Book Hollong Tourist Lodge (Bungalow)

Due to the limited rooms of Hollong Bungalow in Jaldapara and the high demand among tourists, it is hard to book a room online. To book WBTDC Hollong Tourist Lodge, one has to keep waiting and has to compete with others to successfully complete their booking. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that one has to book a room in advance prior to 30 Days.

However, to help you get rid of the hassle of booking WBTDC Hollong Tourist Lodge; North Bengal Tourism can try to book the Hollong Bungalow of Jaldapara through one of the registered Travel Agents of West Bengal Tourism.

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