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  • Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro

Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro

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Surrounded by dense forest of Sal, Jarul, and Piyal trees Jhargram is a quaint settlement in West Bengal region. Situated in the western part of Midnapore, Jhargram is famous for its vast jungle, indigenous culture, and Jhargram Raj Palace. Offering the exquisite vista of rolling hills and shimmering river streams, Jhargram is one of the famous destination amongst the nature lovers. Jhargram with its ancient monuments is also a historical significant destination of West Bengal. And staying in Jhargram Prokiriti Porjoton Kendro is the best way to relish the beauty of this historic town.

Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro

Maintained by the West Bengal Forest Department Corporation (WBFDC) Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro is a Nature Resort in Jhargram. Sited amidst the luxuriant forest, Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro offers a tranquil ambiance far from the hassle of daily life. While staying in Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro guest can listen to the chirping of exotic birds and at the night time, adorn the starry sky. The main purpose for building Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro is to promote eco-tourism and preserve the indigenous culture of the tribes inhibiting in the dense forest of Jhargram.

Things to do in Jhargram: Being a nature friendly destination, visitors while staying in Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro guest can relish the serene ambiance and go for nature walk.

Places to visit in Jhargram

Being a historical significant destination there are many places to visit in Jhargram.

Jhargram Raj Palace: Built in 1931, Jhargram Raj Palace is one of the prime tourist attraction of Jhargram. Jhargram Raj Palace showcases the flawless blend of Italian and Islamic architecturing style. Once, the home of regal family, Jhargram Raj Palace at the present time has been converted into a heritage hotel. Surrounded with well manicured garden the Jhargram Raj Palace still hold its charisma which has captivated and enthralled the minds of many travelers. Jhargram Raj Palace is situated at a distance of 12km from Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro.

Jhargram Deer Park: Situated at a distance of 5km from Jhargram Prokriti Porjoton Kendro is Jhargram Deer Park another prominent attraction of Jhargram. Established in 1980 Jhargam Deer Park is also known as the Jhargram Mini Zoo and Junglemahal Zoological Park. Surrounded by dense forest of Shal Tree, visitors will find a large collection of Deers along with other wild animals and birds like black bear and peacocks.

Sabitri Temple: Dating back to late 17th century, Sabitri Temple of Jhargram is a historic and sacred destination. Sabitri Temple is another famous sightseeing place of Jhargram. Dedicated to Devi Sabitri, the Shakti Deity, Sabitri Temple is one of the prime attractions in Jhargram. According to the legend a Chaturmukha lingam and a twelve-armed Lokeshwar Vishnu under a canopy of a snake hood had magically appeared in Sabitri Temple. The mysterious ambiance and centuries old structure makes Sabitri Temple a must visit destination of Jhargram.

How to reach Jhargram:

Visitors can either directly take a state bus from Kolkata to reach Jhargram. Or they can opt to board a train for Jhargram from Howrah. Since the distance between Kolkata to Jhargram by road is 180 km and by rail is 157 km. Hence visitor can easily reach Jhargram without any hassle.

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