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Lava, perched at an altitude of 2200mt is a quaint Himalayan hamlet in Kalimpong District. It is an offbeat destination of North East India. Strategically located in the periphery of Neora Valley, Lava is one of the few places in the North East Region to receive snowfall during winter season. Far from the hassle of city life, Lava with its mesmerizing view of Mt Kanchenjunga and vibrant ecology has become a favored tourist destination. The proximity with Neora Valley has made Lava the base for many adventurers who wish to explore the virgin national park. And Lava WBFDC Cottage being the ideal place to lodge for those adventurers.

Lava WBFDC Cottage

West Bengal Forest Department Corporation (WBFDC) has built a Nature, Education and Wilderness Resort in Lava. Surrounded with dense forest of pine and conifer trees, Lava Nature Education and Wilderness Resort lets the visitors relish the rustic Himalayan lifestyle. There are two WBFDC cottages in Lava Nature Resort. Lava WBFDC Cottage is famous for being the best place to stay while visiting this quaint hamlet.

Things to do in Lava: Situated in the periphery of Neora Valley one of the favored activity for the guest staying in Lava Nature Resort is trekking as the forest enclosing Lava is dotted with astounding trekking routes. Neora Valley trek and rachella trek are the most famous trek. The trekking routes are also an ideal place for bird watching in Lava. Winter season is the best time to visit Lava during this season visitors can catch the unhindered view of Jelep Pass while trekking through the dense forest.

Places to visit in Lava

To add up to the charm of Lava there are few pictorial places located in and around Lava. Visitors can easily traverse these places while staying in the Lava WBFDC Cottages.

Lava Monastery: Founded in 1987 by the third Kongtrul Rinpoche, Karma Lodro Chokyi Senge is Kagyu Thekchen ling Monastery of Lava. Popularly known as Lava Monastery, Kagyu Thekchen ling Monastery is one of the prominent attractions of this serene hamlet. It was built by using Buddhist architecturing style. Hence, the exterior of Lava Monastery are adorned by intricate designs. The main prayer hall houses magnificent statue of Buddha. From the courtyard of Lava Monastery visitors can get a clear view of mystic forest enclosing Lava. The serene ambience and pictorial view of emerald green forest of Neora Valley has made Lava Monastery the must visit destination in Lava.

Changey Falls: Cascading down the valley sited midst the Tiffin Dara and Ghanti Dara is Changey Falls a majestic waterfall. Changey Falls is a famous tourist in Lava. The distance between Lava and Changey Falls is 14km. Visitors need to be ready to walk for 30mins as Changey Falls is located further below the motorable road. The alluring sound of crashing water is the first things visitors notice. The view of water plunging in a scenic gorge to create a pool of clear water has captivated the mind of many travelers.

Lava Nature Interpretation Centre: Lava due to its proximity with Neora Valley is famous as the gateway to Neora. The distance between Lava and Neora Valley National Park is 2km. A Nature Interpretation Centre has been built in Lava to give an insight about the flora and fauna of Neora Valley National Park and it is situated at a short walking distance from Lava WBFDC Cottage.

How to reach Lava:

The closest railway station of Lava is NJP. The distance between Lava and NJP is 96km and the closest airport of Lava is in Bagdogra. The distance between Lava and Bagdogra is 108km. Visitors can easily reach Lava by hiring a taxi from the respective junction. Or they can also take shared taxi till Kalimpong as the distance between Kalimpong and Lava is 34km. After reaching Kalimpong visitors have to hire a taxi for Lava WBFDC Cottage.

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