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Lepchajagat Forest Bungalow

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Lepchajagat, perched at an altitude of 6959ft is an offbeat destination of Darjeeling. Hidden midst the dense forest of rhododendron and conifer trees, Lepchajagat caught the attention of nature lover with its serene ambiance and breathtaking view of Mt Kanchenjunga and its surrounding ranges. In native language Lepchajagat denotes the haven of Lepcha tribe. The best way to relish the serenity of this quaint hamlet is by staying in the Lepchajagat WBFDC Forest Bungalow.

Lepchajagat WBFDC Forest Bungalow

Amidst the dense forest of deodar and rhododendron West Bengal Forest Department Corporation (WBFDC) has built a Nature Education and Wilderness Resort in Lepchajagat. Lepchajagat WBFDC Forest Bungalow is a two storey building with 6 rooms. The two rooms of the first floor come with a private balcony. Visitors from their room in Lepchajagat WBFDC Forest Bunglow can witness the astounding vista of snowcapped Himalayas Range. The serene ambiance and pictorial view offered in Lepchajagat WBFDC Forest Bungalow has made it the most preferred place to stay to find solitude amidst nature. Winter season is the best time to visit Lepchajagat to get an unhindered view of Himalayan Range.

Things to do in Lepchajagat: The most popular things to do while staying in Lepchajagat are to indulge in nature walk and trekking as the forest enclosing Lepchajagat is dotted with amazing trail. The nature trails are also an ideal place for bird watching, as they are the abode of exquisite Himalayan avifauna. Walking in the serene trail while listening to chirping of exotic birds is sure an experience to cherish in Lepchajagat.

Places to visit in Lepchajagat

Apart from being a nature bound destination there are many places to visit while staying in Lepchajagat WBFDC Forest Bungalow.

Sukiapokhari: Situated along the Indo-Bhutan border, Sukiapokhar is one of the famous places to visit in Lepchajagat. Located at a distance of 5km from Lepchajagat, Sukiapokhari is famous for its unhindered view of Himalayan Range. Sukiapokhari with its bustling market give the travelers staying in Lepchajagat a chance to buy souvenir for their loved ones.

Jorepokhari: Enclosed by the verdant forest of Senchel Wildlife Sanctuary, Jorepokhari is another famous place to visit while staying in Lepchajagat WBFDC Forest Bungalow. In the native language the word "Jore" stands for "Twin" and "Pokhari" for "Lake". Jorepokhari is alos one of the few places in the world where Himalayan Salamander can still be found. Apart from being the abode of endangered Himalayan Salamander, Jorepokhari is also famous for offering a breath taking view of snow capped Mt Kanchenjunga.

Manebhanjan: Manebhanjan is a serene forest settlement famous for being the base of exploring the hilltop of Sandakphu. At an elevation of 3636 mt Sandakphu is famous for offering the panoramic view of the world's tallest peak. Manebhanjan is another destination which can be visited while staying in Lepchajagat. The distance between Manebhanjan and Lepchajagat only being 11km. While visiting Manebhanjan, tourist will get to witness the largest collection of vintage Land Rover. One of the famous tourist attraction of Manebhanjan is Land Rover Jeep Safari to Sandukphu.

How to reach Lepchajagat:

Visitors can either directly rent a car from NJP or Bagdogra to reach Lepchajagat. Since the closest railway station and airport from Lolegaon is NJP and Bagdogra Airport. The distance between NJP to Lolegaon and Bagdogra to Lolegaon is 75 km and 68 km respectively. Or visitors can opt to take shared taxi till Ghoom Station. And from Ghoom they will be taking another shared taxi for Sukiapokhari. The distance between Ghoom to Lepchajagat is 7km.

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