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Lolegaon, also spelt as Loleygaon or Lolaegaon, is a scenically blessed Lepcha hamlet in Kalimpong District. Unsullied by the tourist rush Lolegaon is snugly tucked on the further end of Himalayan Ridge. Blessed with temperate weather Lolegaon is an ideal destination to beat the scorching heat of summer season. Surrounded by thick wooded forest of pine and conifer trees, Lolegaon has become a place to find solitude amidst nature. At an altitude of 1675mt Lolegaon is famous for offering the most exquisite vista of snow capped Mt Kanchenjunga. The best way to relish the mesmerizing vista is by staying in Lolegaon Nature Resort.

Lolegaon Nature Resort

On the periphery of Neora Valley National Park WBFDC built a nature resort in this quaint Lepcha Village. After West Bengal Forest Department Corporation (WBFDC) built a forest rest house Lolegaon caught the attention of many nature lovers. Lolegaon WBFDC Rest House has 5 cottages and 2 Suites. The eco tourism cottages of Lolegaon WBFDC Rest House has become the favored place to stay for tourist visiting Lolegaon. While staying in the forest cottages of Lolegaon, visitors get an insight in the rustic lifestyle of this quaint hamlet while getting a sense of closure towards Mother Nature.

Things to do in Lolegaon: Enclosed by the verdant forest of Neora Valley, Lolegaon is dotted with astounding trails, making trekking a favored tourist activity of Lolegaon. The trails sprawled around Lolegaon are also ideal for bird watching and nature walk.

Sightseeing in Lolegaon

There are many sightseeing places in Lava which thrives with natural beauty.

Lava: Located at a distance of 2km from the Lolegaon Nature Resort is another quaint hamlet called Lava. It is a scenic mountain hamlet in Kalimpong District. The serene ambiance and panoramic view of snow capped Himalayas has made Lava a favored tourist destination. Perched at an elevation of 2138mt Lava is one of the few destinations in Kalimpong Region which receives snowfall during winter season. Visitors can easily reach Lava from the forest rest house of Lolegaon.

Jhandi Dara: Jhandi Dara with the grand view of mighty Himalayan Range is one of the famous sightseeing spots of Lolegaon. Located at a distance of 3km from Lolegaon Nature Resort, Jhandi Dara is famous for offering the most mesmerizing sunrise over the snow capped Mt Kanchenjunga. Due to its panoramic vista it is famous as Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point. Visitors can reach Jhandi Dara by trekking through the alpine forest enclosing Lolegaon WBFDC Forest Cottage. The trails leading towards Jhandi Dara are also ideal for bird watching.

Kalimpong: Located at a distance of 23km, Kalimpong is a renowned of hill station of Eastern Himalayan. It is another famous sightseeing spot of Lolegaon. Dotted with ancient building dating back to Victorian era Kalimpong is a historically significant town. The most famous Victorian era structure of Kalimpong is the Dr Graham's Homes. Built in 1900, Dr Graham's Homes is an educational institute. Another famous attraction of Kalimpong is the Pine View Nursery. Here visitors can find more than 150 species of orchids and cactus making Pine View Nursery a must visit place of Kalimpong for the botany enthusiast staying in Lolegaon Nature Resort.

How to reach Lolegaon:

Visitors can either directly rent a car from NJP or Bagdogra to reach Lolegaon. Since the closest railway station and airport from Lolegaon is NJP and Bagdogra Airport. The distance between NJP to Lolegaon and Bagdogra to Lolegaon is 94 km and 98 km respectively. Or they can also opt for getting a shared taxi till Kalimpong to reach Lolegaon. Since, the distance from Kalimpong to Lolegaon is 23 km. From Kalimpong visitors need to hire a taxi to reach Lolegaon WBFDC Nature Resort.

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