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Nataraj Tourism Property (earlier Tarakeswar Tourist Lodge)

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One of the best pilgrimage destinations in West Bengal, Tarakeswar is a wonderful place to explore the divinity as well as the natural phenomenons. The lively ambiance of this city allures many tourists to have a visit to the well-known temples here. Tarakeshawar is a city under Hooghly district in West Bengal. The city has numerous temples. As a result, there are plenty of tourists visiting the city throughout the year. Enjoy the religious aura staying in Nataraj Tourism Property. Previously, the name of the lodge was Tarakeshwar Tourist Lodge. Tarakeshwar Tourist Lodge is an undertaking of the government of West Bengal. The lodge offers you comfortable accommodation at your visit to the city. People visit here for the famous Taraknath Temple. It is a sacred temple for the Hindu pilgrims. This is a temple of Lord Shiva. Thus, you can see many devotees on the special occasions like 'Shivratri', 'Gajan' and others. Moreover, the 'Chaitra Sankranti' is one of the popular celebrations here. As you stay in Nataraj Tourism Property, you can go to the nearby tourist attraction like Kamarpukur, Jayrambati, etc. These are some dignified pilgrimage destination in West Bengal. On the other hand, visit Dudhpukur, a small stream located on the north of the Taraknath temple. According to the devotees, the stream fulfills one's dream by taking a dip into it.

Amenities in Nataraj Tourism Property

The well-maintained tourist lodge in Tarakeswar has all sorts of facilities for the boarders. The lodge offers you various ranges of room to accommodate. From deluxe room to standard room, you will get according to your preference. You can get the basic needs for staying like -

  • Vehicle parking
  • Free- breakfast
  • Color television
  • Laundry service
  • Good and clean rooms
  • Attached bathrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Credit card facility, etc.

How to reach Tarakeshwar Tourist Lodge

The most convenient mode of transportation to reach here is the train. There are several trains for Tarakeswar and the city has its own railway station located after few stations from the famous Howrah railway station.

As being situated near Kolkata, this city can be reached by air too. Dumdum airport in Kolkata facilitates you to reach Tarakeswar through flight. From there, hire a taxi or any public transport to reach Nataraj Tourism property or Tarakeshwar Lodge.

How to book Nataraj Tourism Property

You can book Nataraj Tourism Property from us. As it is a popular pilgrimage destination in the state, the lodge remains fully-booked most of the time. As a result, depending on the availability of the rooms we will book your preferred one.

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