• Neora Jungle Camp Lataguri Leopard Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
  • Accommodation in Neora Jungle Camp Lataguri
  • Accommodation in Neora Jungle Camp Lataguri
  • Neora Jungle Camp Lataguri Leopard Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
  • Accommodation in Neora Jungle Camp Lataguri
  • Accommodation in Neora Jungle Camp Lataguri

Neora Jungle Camp, Lataguri

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Neora Jungle Camp is a government forest camp nestled inside Gorumara Forest. The camp is adjacent to Neora River and Sursuti forest of Lataguri, Jalpaiguri Forest Division. To reach Neora Camp, one has to take a bifurcated road from the main highway inside the forest. It is an adventurous experience for tourists to pass through the dense and deciduous forest of Gorumara. Neora Jungle Camp is aptly located inside the forest and is a must visit place for wildlife lovers. However, the accommodation is restricted to visitors having prior permissions or bookings.

Neora Jungle Camp provides basic accommodation to its visitors. There are 4 cottages that can accommodate upto 8 persons. The cottages are equipped with double beds and they have attached toilets. Apart from 4 cottages the resorts has its own in-house restaurant facilities where you can get basic Indian food as per your requirements.

Things to do in Neora Jungle Camp, Lataguri

From Neora Jungle Camp, travelers can avail Jeep Safari inside Gorumara National Park. The Jeep Safari moves through dense forest and you will come across several villages along the way which are nestled zin the national park. Some villages located inside the Gorumara national park include Sarswati, Budhuram, Bichabhanga, Chatua, Kailipur, Murti forest village etc. Staying at Neora Jungle Camp, one can visit the various watchtowers of Gorumara National Park namely Jatraprasad, Chapramari, Medhla, Chukchuki etc. Animals that can be sighted in this region are Elephant, one horned Indian rhino, Indian Bison (commonly known as Gaur), Leopards (locally known as Chitabagh) and Deer. Major bird species seen in Gorumara include Minivets, Pheasants, Hornbills, Woodpeckers, Cuckoos and cormorants etc.

Beside Neora Jungle Camp, Neora River is a cheering sight to visit. The river is full of rocks which makes the river more eye-catching and attractive. Birds like peacock and many rare birds can be seen beside the river. From Neora Jungle Camp, travelers can also visit the sightseeing spots of Dooars like Samsing, Suntalekhola, Murti, Jaldhaka, Paren, Jhallong etc.

Best Time to visit Neora Jungle Camp

Although Neora Camp remains open throughout the year but the best time to visit the place is during winter from November to early March. During this period the weather is quite pleasant. One should avoid the monsoon season i.e. from mid of June to September as the forest remains closed during this period due to animal breeding season. Also, the region experiences heavy rainfall during this period. However, if you are a nature lover and wish to enjoy greenery then Neora Jungle Camp is the best place that can soothe your sight with lush green forest.

How to Reach Neora Jungle Camp, Lataguri

The distance from Siliguri to Neora Jungle Camp is around 83km. There are 2 passenger trains and 2 buses runs from Siliguri which can drop you upto Lataguri. You have to hire a local vehicle to reach till Neora Jungle Camp. The best way to reach Neora Jungle Camp directly from Siliguri or NJP or Bagdogra Airport is to hire a reserved vehicle to make your journey hassle free. There are lots of travel agents in Siliguri who can provide you reserved vehicle at reasonable price.

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