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Rasikbil also spelt as Rasikbill named after a large lake is a scenic destination in Tufanganj. Tufanganj is a quaint town in Coochbehar. Surrounded by thick wooded forest, Rasikbil is famous as the birding paradise. Since, the shimmering Lake of Rasikbil attracts a large number of migratory birds from Central Asia and Ladakh. Sited midst the emerald green forest the alluring charisma of Rasikbil never ceases to amaze the travelers. The best way to relish the surreal beauty of Rasikbil is by staying in Rasikbil Eco-Resort.

Nature Education and Wilderness Resort

West Bengal Forest Department Corporation (WBFDC) has built a Nature Education and Wilderness Resort in Rasikbil. Rasikbil Nature Education and Wilderness Resort is an Eco-Resort. There are 2 Non AC cottages and 2 eight bedded rooms in Rasikbil Eco-Resort. Bounded by the tall wooded trees, visitors staying in Rasikbil Eco-Resort can listen to the alluring chirpings of exotic birds. WBFDC Eco-Resort of Rasikbil has become the abode nature lovers traveling in Coochbehar. With its serene ambiance and great service, it is the best resort to stay in Rasikbil.

Things to do in Rasikbil: Known as the birding paradise one of the famous tourist activity of Rasikbil is bird watching. Another famous thing to do while staying in the eco resort of Rasikbil is sculling in the scenic lake. While boating in Rasikbil, visitors can spot exotic water fowls like Pied Kingfisher, Wingeon Duck, and Small Blue Kingfisher.

Attraction in Rasikbil

Apart from spotting exotic migratory birds there are many other attractions in Rasikbil like large aquarium, a deer park, a crocodile rehabilitation center, a tortoise rescue center, a python centre and a Leopard Rescue Centre. Tourist can visit all these astounding places during their stay in Rasikbil Eco-Resort.

Rasikbil Sightseeing

Situated in the Coochbehar Distract visitors during their stay in Rasikbil WBFDC Resort can visit the regal town of Coochbehar.

Coochbehar Palace: Coochbehar Palace also known as Victor Jubilee Palace or Rajbari is one of the famous sightseeing places of Rasikbil. Built in 1887 by using Italian Renaissance Architecturing Style, Coochbehar Palace is the landmark of this regal town Coochbehar. It is the most prominent tourist attraction of Coochbehar. Within the grandiose wall of Rajbari visitors gets an insight about the Royal family who once ruled over Coochbehar.

Madan Mohan Temple: Coochbehar is a historic town and there are many historic there are many ancient structures apart from the magnificent Rajbari. Madan Mohan Temple built under the reign of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan is another famous sightseeing place for the tourist staying in Rasikbil Eco-Resort. The one storey temple of Mahan Mohan is situated in the heart of the regal city of Coochbehar. Dedicated to Lord Madan Mohan, this ancient temple also houses the astounding structure of other Hindu Deities Maa Kali, Maa Tara and Maa Bhavani. During the auspicious festival of Rush Puja Madan Mohan Temple is flooded with the horde of pilgrims and tourists.

How to reach Rasikbil

The closest railway station of Rasikbil is in Coochbehar. The distance between New Coochbehar Railway Station and Rasikbil is 35km. Visitors can easily reach Rasikbil by hiring a car from New Coochbehar Railway Station via Tufanganj. It will only take 2hrs for them to reach Rasikbil Eco Resort after proceed from the railway station.

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