• Teesta Paryatak Abas
  • Teesta Paryatak Abas
  • Teesta Paryatak Abas
  • Teesta Paryatak Abas

Teesta Sundori Tourism Property
(Teesta Paryatak Abas)

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Teesta Sundori Tourism Property, previously known as Teesta Paryatak Abas is a tourist accommodation of West Bengal State Government-run and maintained by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC). Located at the outskirt of Jalpaiguri Town and very near to the well-known Jalpaiguri Rjabari, Teesta Sundori Tourism Property is an ideal accommodation option while exploring Jalpaiguri.

Teesta Sundori Tourism Property is a resort where visitors get to taste life in a simpler form and appreciate the wonder of Rajbari during their stay. There are many places to see while staying at Teesta Paryatak Abas. Jalpaiguri Rajbari is the closest tourist destination of Teesta Sundori Tourism Property. Famous for its huge lake and the ancient architecture, Jalpaiguri Rajbari will never cease to amaze its visitors.

Other favoured sightseeing places near Teesta Paryatak Abas are Jaldapara National Park, Gorumara National Park, Jalpesh Mandir, Jaldhaka Hydel Project, etc. Moreover, if you are fond of seeing various flora and fauna, Jaldapara and Gorumara National Park are the most favoured places to visit. To get quite closer to all the wild animals, you can even have a thrilling Jungle Safari.

Teesta Sundori Tourism Property Amenities

Teesta Sundori Tourism Property or Teesta Paryatak Abas is equipped with all the modern facilities. Even though Teesta Paryatak Abas offers comparatively low-cost accommodation to the tourists, the service of it is great. Here are the amenities you will get at Teesta Sundori Tourism Property as mentioned below.

How to Book Teesta Sundori Tourism Property

North Bengal Tourism has made a booking at this government resort quite easy and convenient. With North Bengal Tourism's Lodge and Resort Booking Service, you don't have to worry much. Now forget the hassle of booking your favourite Government accommodation in Jalpaiguri. Just call us at the above-mentioned phone numbers or click on the "Reserve Rooms" option.

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