Jatileswar Temple

Jatileswar Temple

Built around the year 320 AD to 600 AD by the Gupta Dynasty, Jatileswar Mandir is one of the oldest temples in the North Bengal Region. Just about 15 km distance away from the main town of Maynaguri, Jatileswar Temple holds lots of historical significance. It is solely dedicated to Baba Jatileswar (Lord Shiva) and attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year.

Jatileswar Temple History

The temple was founded by the Gupta Rulers of Bengal around 320 AD to 600 AD. Being around 1000 years old, the temple holds a plethora of historical importance and is truly an epitome of India's medieval architectural distinction.

The temple was built using stones and clay bricks. Even though, it is a Temple of Lord Shiva, the walls of the temple are sculpted with the figure of several other Hindu Gods.

Attractions in and around Jatileswar Mandir

The main attraction of this tourist site is the Jatileswar Temple itself. This brick temple exhibits great architectural excellence and techniques of construction. We can see several designs depicted in the temple which tells us about the arts of the contemporary time.

Even though it is an ancient temple, it is not so popular among tourists. Being so, travelers don't have to pay any entry fee to enter the temple. The temple is surrounded by lush greenery all around and the compound is large enough to explore or walk around.

From Jatileswar Mahadev Temple, you can also explore other religious sites of Maynaguri such as Jalpesh Temple, Bateshwar Temple, and Mahakal Temple. There is also a park near the village named Khuksiya. The park offers a unique serenity, a great view of lush greenery, a beautiful water fountain, and a serene pond. You would truly love to spend some time here.

How to Reach Jatileswar Shiva Temple

  • By Air: Bagdogra is the only airport nearby. The distance between them is around 85 km. You will get several cars to hire from outside Bagdogra Airport.
  • By Train: New Maynaguri is the nearby railway station. Several trains run through this railway station every day. The station is just 14 km distance away from Jatileswar Temple.
  • By Road: Maynaguri, the nearby town is just 14 km distance away. To reach Baba Jatileswar Temple, first, take a bus or taxi to Huslurdanga. From here, take a Rickshaw to reach the temple comfortably.

Sightseeing Attractions near Jalpesh Temple

The major attraction of this place is the Temple itself and its jaw-dropping architectures. However, nearby sightseeing attractions is The Teen Bigha Corridor near Haldibari, Maynaguri Khuksia Park, Jatileswar Temple etc.

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