Gorumara Eco-Village Kalipur

Kalipur Eco Village is the most appropriate place to be close to nature and wild life at Gorumara National Park. The camp is located about 500 meters from the Medla watchtower giving it advantage in terms of sighting wildlife. It gives a precious opportunity to the visitors to stay in the wilderness of the national park and enjoy the beauty of the place. Though Kalipur Village is not a Forest Rest House, but it is managed by the Jalpaiguri Forest Division II. You can go for an Elephant Ride to the huge Grassland. Spotting wildlife in the forest is sheer piece of luck and this unpredictability of the forest makes the trip really enjoyable. Donot fret if you miss seeing the wild animals from close quarters. Instead enjoy the tranquility of the forest, its own distinct sounds - the crickets and the chirping of the birds. The feeling of being absolutely one with Nature is an experience to treasure particularly once you come back to the folds of urban existence. Here you can see Rihnos everywhere from Watch Tower, while crossing the river and in the grasslands. If you are an admirer of wildlife and lush green forest, then Kalipur is the most ideal travel destination for you. Gachbari or Tree House as accommodation is another major attraction of the Kalipur. The cottages are one and half storied height. Staying in such tree house for a night is a life time experience and enjoyable. The wild lifers specifically Elephants playing with each other in their own are the scene which any nature or peace loving traveller should not forget in the rest of his/her life. Viewed from a distance an Indian village may appear deceptively simple. A cluster of wood nailed walls, shaded by a few trees, set among a stretch of green fields, with a few people moving around, cattle lowing and birds singing. While staying at Kalipur Eco Village you can experience Bullock Cart Riding which you cannot find anywhere else. You can have a beautiful ride on the back of a bullock and reach the cottage. Here you can also enjoy the tribal dance in the evening performed by the locals. They perform different occational songs and dances with dandia, dhol, dhamsa, madol etc.

N.B.: If you would like to book Kalipur Eco Village, Gorumara, Please Call at +91 81455 84286.

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