South Khayerbari Leopard Rescue Center

Khayerbari is located almost 10km. away from Madarihat. Khayerbari is mainly known as “Royal Bengal Tiger & Leopard” rescue centre. During the ban of animals from various circuses and shows several wild animals were captured by the forest officials who included 11 tigers seized from the Olympic circus in Hooghly district. The tigers that are being shifted to Khayerbari are part of this group which was kept at Hollong temporarily. This place is highly attractive to tourists because they can get a close spot to watch. South Khayerbari Nature Park is a tiger rescue centre just 15 km away from Jaldapara. The park has been developed with the objective of treatment and rehabilitation of leopards and tigers. The leopards and tigers have been kept in a natural environment in this park. Battery operated cars are used to conduct safari tours in this nature park. River Buri Torsa is flowing through the South Khayerbari Nature Park. Boating can be done in the waters of the river. The nearest railway station is Hasimara. Hasimara is well connected to Kolkata which in turn enjoys excellent connectivity with the rest of the country. Madarihat is 12 km from Hasimara station. South Khayerbari Nature Park is 15 km from Madarihat. A perfect picnic spot for a joy- loving family looking forward to relax and have fun amidst boating, car safari in the kingdom of Leopards, a children Park and a soothing environment.

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