Lachung - A Pristine Hamlet in Sikkim

Lachung in North Sikkim

The Indian state of Sikkim is the home to some of the most fascinating places on Earth. They are being explored by travelers in thousands. However, there are still many unexplored places that stayed completely un-noticed, one such place is Lachung. Situated at an altitude of 8200ft, it is a serene mountain hamlet of North Sikkim.

Surrounded by magnificent mountains and awe-inspiring waterfalls, Lachung in Sikkim proves to be a perfect holiday destination. It has been described as the most picturesque village of Sikkim in the Himalayan Journal 1855 by Joseph Dalton Hooker. With its ethereal beauty, Lachung has been a must-visit place in the entire Sikkim for those who seek tranquility and a secluded place to mitigate their distressed soul.

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Places to visit in Lachung

Lachung, the newfound jewel in Sikkim, is now finding its place on every traveler's tour itinerary for those who are planning to visit the state in recent years. The following are the sightseeing places they will get to see in and around the village as mentioned below.

Lachung Monastery

One of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries in India, Lachung Monastery is truly a beautiful architecture one must visit in the village. This religious site was established in the year 1880 making it one of the ancient Buddhist religious sites in Sikkim. Among the locals, the monastery is known as Samten Cheoling Monastery. Since its inception, the monastery has gone through several processes of renovation.

In 1930, statues of Buddha, Guru, and Chenrezig were brought from Tibet. Along with the statues, many other major religious Buddhist items were also brought. The annual mask dance festival is held here which can be enjoyed by the travelers visiting the monastery.

Yumthang Valley

Not more than 25 km distance away from Lachung, Yumthang Valley cannot be skipped visiting at all. It is actually a nature sanctuary equipped with hot springs, rivers, yaks, and grazing pasture on Rolling Meadows and beautiful flowers of rhododendrons. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayan range, it is the home to Shinghba Rhododendron Sanctuary. Popularly known as the valley of flowers, in the Yumthang Valley, visitors will get to see over twenty-four species of rhododendrons.

Taking bath in the hot spring is one of the best things to do here. Rich with sulfur, the hot spring has excellent power of healing and restoration. During the months of spring, the entire valley is ornamented with blooming rhododendrons, poppies, iris, primulas, and many other different kinds of floras.


Not more than 50 kilometers distance away, Lachen is the best town to visit. Being just 2 hours driving distance away from Lachung, this serene town can be visited at ease. In the foothills of the Himalayas, Lachen is certainly a piece of paradise on Earth with its lush greenery, tranquility, and the view of snow-covered Kanchenjunga. The Lachen Monastery is the prime interest for the tourist here. Moreover, the adjacent tourist attractions are Yumthang Valley, Gurudongmar Lake, and more.

Chopta Valley in the Northern part of Lachen is also worth visiting where travelers will be delighted to see rich alpine vegetation, rhododendrons, enthralling lakes, and rivers. Visitors can even spot many rare species of wild animals, plants, and birds in Chopta Valley making it a perfect place to visit for birds and wild animals enthusiasts.

Gurudongmar Lake

Falls under one of the must-visit places to visit in Sikkim, Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes on the Earth. This popular lake is located at an altitude of 5430 meters above sea level and flaunts a beautiful view of the snow-peaked Himalayan range in the background. Considered to be a sacred lake among the Buddhist, Sikh, and Hindu community, visiting Gurudongmar Lake in different season offers a different kind of pleasing views to enjoy.

In the season of winter, it remains completely frozen whereas in spring it offers a fascinating look of clear water. The visitors can even see the bed of the lake through the transparent water of the Lake. Visitors can capture the beautiful scene of the Lake in the photographic form to cherish the moment forever.

Things to do in Lachung

Travelers will never get bored after visiting the village because of the following activities they can do.

Visit Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

Get to see a rich collection of rhododendron and gregarious plants by visiting Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. Trek through the trekking trails of it and enjoy the soothing view of amazing flowers and natural beauty right in front of the eyes.

Trek to Yumthang Valley

Trekking to Yumthang Valley is one of the most amazing things to do. Covered with a vast stretch of pastures and colorful flowers, Yumthang Valley seems like a paradise. Trek and wander around this beautiful valley to capture its stunning view. Take bath in the hot spring to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Enjoy Mask Dance at Lachung Monastery

Visit the monastery in Lachung to enjoy the annually held mask dance by the Lamas in the season of winter. This is one of the most renowned festivals held in the village. Captures the stunning photos of the dancers who will be wearing strikingly colorful clothes and heavy masks.

Visit Bhim Nala Waterfalls

Visit the tallest waterfall in Sikkim named Bhim Nala Waterfall. Here, the cascading water is falling in 3 different tiers making a grand phenomenon to behold. Click some photos of it to make your Instagram feed rich with stunning photos.

Visit Zero Point

Visiting Zero Point from Lachung is one of the most promising activities to do. Nestled at an elevation of 15,300 feet above sea level, Zero Point has no motorable roads. Being adjacent to the border of China, travelers cannot move further than here. Trek to this scenic location; enjoy the calmness of nature and the enthralling view of the snow-covered Himalaya. The teaching to zero point distance is around 50 km.

Visit Gurudongmar Lake

One of the promising things to do from Lachung is to visit the beautiful Gurudongmar Lake. Enjoy the view of one of the highest lakes on the Earth located at an altitude of 5430 meters above sea level. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the snow-peaked Himalayan range in the background. Spend some quality time here and enjoy the great exhibition of this beautiful lake.

Accommodation in Lachung

Being a popular tourist destination, visitors can find many options of accommodation in Lachung. From cozy homestay to budget hotels, visitors can choose a place to stay in Lachung according to their budget and requirements. With the hotel booking service of North Bengal Tourism, visitor can save their time and money in booking hotels in Lachung quite smoothly and conveniently.

How to Reach Lachung, Sikkim

Reach Lachung by Air

The nearest airport to Lachung is in Bagdogra. From Bagdogra Airport it is an overall journey of 7 hrs. to reach Lachung. The distance between Bagdogra to Lachung is 195 kilometers.

Reach Lachung by Rail

The nearest railway station of Lachung is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP). It is approx. 7hrs drive from NJP to Lachung. The distance between NJP to Lachung is 192 kilometers.

Reach Lachung by Road

Tourists can hire a car to reach Lachung from NJP and Bagdogra. The car rental service of North Bengal Tourism offers rental cars from NJP to Lachung and Bagdogra to Lachung at a reasonable car fare.

Tourist can also break their journey to reach Lachung by halting overnight in Gangtok and continuing their journey the next day. This allows them to have proper rest. It is an overall 5 hours journey to reach Lachung from Gangtok.

Distance: The distance between Gangtok to Lachung is 102 kilometers.

Best Time to Visit Lachung

April to June

This is the best time to visit Lachung. During this season visitors can enjoy the pleasant weather of Lachung along with the blooming of vibrant Himalayan Flora.

July to September

During this season weather in Sikkim become unpredictable. Monsoon Season is usually accompanied by heavy rainfall and sudden roadblocks so most people avoid visiting Lachung during this time.

October to March

Being poised at a higher elevation winter is extremely cold in Lachung. But if visitors do not mind the freezing weather, they can visit Lachung during winter as it is the best time to witness the panoramic view of snow-capped mountains enclosing Lachung.

Important F.A.Q on Lachung Sikkim

Q. Do I need a permit to visit Lachung?

Yes. As Lachung falls under a protected area, visitors need to obtain a permit to visit the place. The permit can be availed from Tourism Department and Police check post in Gangtok and also from the Sikkim Government registered tour operators.

Q. How to reach Lachung?

Lachung can only be reached by road. There is no airport or railway station in the village. The nearest airport and railway stations are Bagdogra Airport and NJP respectively.

Q. What is the best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake?

The best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake is during the months of November to June. It is also the ideal time to visit Lachung due to its pleasant weather.

Q. Is Lachung worth visiting?

Lachung is a serene hamlet in Sikkim which is certainly worth visiting. One can visit the monastery and can also go for a sightseeing excursion to Yumthang Valley, Gurudongmar Lake, Thangu Valley, Chungthang Valley, and more.

Q. Is there snowfall in Lachung?

Yes, heavy snowfall occurs in Lachung during the months of winter. The thick fog engulfs the entire village.

Q. Is it safe to visit the village?

Yes, visiting the village is completely safe. However, ignore visiting the hamlet during the months of monsoon as frequent landslide blocks the road making the village hard to visit.

Q. How is the weather in the village?

The weather in Lachung is mostly chilly due to its significantly higher elevation. The temperature ranges from 15° Celcius to 24° Celcius in the summer. The winter is too cold here when the temperature goes even below 4° Celcius.

Q. Is Lachung and Lachen same?

No, Lachung and Lachen are the two different tourist destinations in Sikkim. The distance between Lachen and Lachung is around 47 kilometers.


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