Lepchakha Village Tour - A complete Travel Guide

Lepchakha Village

Inside the thickly wooded forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve and quite adjacent to the Indo Bhutan border, Lepchakha is a picturesque village. Nestled at an elevation of around 3500ft above sea level, this Drukpa village is slowly becoming one of the most promising tourist destinations in the entire Dooars region. Not more than 2 or 3 km away from Bhutan, the village is all about offering an intense natural beauty and complete serenity most of the tourists often seek.

Tourist Attractions in and around the Village

The quaint hamlet Lepchakha is truly a piece of paradise on Earth and offers a tantalizing panoramic view of the 12 rivers flowing through Dooars which looks like glistening snakes meandering through the plains along with the serene ambiance which will undoubtedly make all the visitors mesmerized. Moreover, the journey itself to this village is full of pictorial sights as you will be driven through the lush green vegetation of Dooars.

Being quite adjacent to Bhutan Border, there is a border outpost of the security agencies in the village. Lepchakha is mostly inhabited by Drukpa people whose main origin is Bhutan and they bear a unique culture and traditions. You will truly love to know these friendly people and their traditions and ways of life while exploring this breathtaking village.

The major attraction of this village is its sweeping view from the hilltop. From this hilltop, you can enjoy a tantalizing panoramic view of the entire Buxa Tiger Reserve and also river streams flowing quietly through the Dooars region. The fascinating vista of the flowing rivers and the tranquil atmosphere of this village have been able to bewitch every kind of visitor whether they are nature lovers or adventure seekers.

Activities to Do During Lepchakha Tour

Even though a less-trodden village in the Dooars region, Lepchakha Lets its visitors enjoy some of the finest activities. The major ones are as mentioned below:

  • Trekking: This hilly settlement is undoubtedly a trekker's paradise. To reach Lepchakha, travelers need to trek through the dense forest. The trekking trail will be surrounded by the trees of Dooars and while trekking, you will come across popular sites including Buxa Fort.
  • Birding: The village is also known as a bird-watching hub. Avid bird watchers only prefer to visit the village to see the various kinds of Himalayan Birds. During your Lepchakha Tour, you should be ready with your camera to capture some stunning photos of these birds while listening to their melodious chirping.
  • Village Walking: You can also enjoy a leisure walk through the village. Enjoy the unique architecture of Drukpa houses and also meet the friendly and ever-smiling local villagers. You will certainly love to interact with them.
  • Go for a short excursion: While staying at Lepchakha, you can plan to have a short excursion to all the nearby attractions such as Buxa Tiger Reserve, Buxa Fort, Mahakal Cave, Jayanti, and more. This sightseeing excursion will let you witness the various wildlife of Buxa Tiger Reserve, the historical significance of the destroyed Buxa Fort, and also let you see the beautiful religious site named Mahakal Cave, solely dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Enjoy Panoramic View: You can reach the hilltop of the village to relish the panoramic view of Buxa Tiger Reserve and the seven rivers flowing through it. To the left of you, you will get to see the river Sankosh followed by River Raidak, Jayanti, Bala, and others. You can also catch the view of Alipurduar, Jayanti Riverbed, and also Santalabai along with lush green vegetation.

Where to Stay

Lepchakha offers comfortable accommodations to its visitors in the form of a homestay. Basic amenities like attached western bathrooms, view rooms, 24 hours electricity, delicious foods, etc. are available. The rooms you will be getting are spacious, clean, and nicely sanitized. Foods being served here are completely homemade and come with both veg and non-veg offerings as per your preference.

How to Reach the Village

By Train: Alipurduar Junction is the nearest railhead. You can get a train to this railway station from all the connected cities like Kolkata, Howrah, Siliguri and more. Upon reaching Alipurduar Junction, all you have to do is take a car to reach the village.

By Air: Bagdogra is its closest Airport which is a domestic airport nicely connected with the entire major cities of India. All you have to do is take a flight to this airport. The distance from Bagdogra Airport to Lepchakha is around 205 km.

By Road: The town can be reached from anywhere of West Bengal. First, you have to cover around 20 km from Alipurduar to Buxa Tiger Reserve and after reaching here, you have to start trekking to reach the village.

Ideal time to visit Lepchakha Tour

One can visit the village throughout the year; however, the best time to enjoy the serene ambiance of Lepchakha and also to indulge you in the trekking activities through the thick dense forest is from mid-October to December. During these months, the sky remains clear and the tourists can treat their eyes to the panoramic vista of Dooars region and the popular Buxa Tiger Reserve from the hilltop of Lepchakha.

Questions may arise while planning to visit Lepchakha Village

There is no problem to visit Lepchakha in April. The weather stays pleasant and most of the days remain sunny throughout April.
Lepchakha village is famous for its bewitching natural beauty, lush greenery, and sweeping view of the river streams flowing through Dooars.
The word "Lepchakha" comes from two separate words where "Lepcha" means the indigenous people of India's Sikkim and Nepal and "kha" means the people of Nepal.
The approximate distance between Coochbehar and Lepchakha is 59 kilometers. To cover the road distance, you need close to two hours.
The network connectivity whether you have Airtel, VI, BSNL, or Jio is going to be below average.

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