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Adjacent to Darjeeling City, Mirik is a calm and picturesque village in the Indian state of West Bengal. At an elevation of 5000ft above sea level, it is famous for its orange orchard, daunting hills, and lush greenery. Also pronounced as Mir Yok which in Lepcha words means a place burnt by fire, this small sleepy town located 49km away from Darjeeling Town, a journey of 2hours & 30mins filled with a scenic view.

Mirik is surrounded by lush tea gardens, orange orchards, cardamom plantations, and forests of tall, dark Japanese cedars which are quite an alluring sight for any nature lover. The freshness and quaint surroundings of Mirik can make anyone feel like they found tranquility and serenity.

Sightseeing Places in Mirik Darjeeling

Mirik never disappoints the visitors when it comes about the tourist attractions and places they can get to see in this town. The following are the major places and attractions to see:

Sumendu Lake

Nestled near the Nepal border, halfway between Siliguri and Darjeeling, Mirik is this low-profile hill station and honeymoon destination whose famous landmark is Sumendu Lake. Sumendu Lake or as locals call it Mirik Jill, this lake is in the heart of Mirik with a good 1/2 km long, the serene water body has the Kanchenjunga Range as its backdrop and is framed by forests of oak and chestnut.

The lake is surrounded by a garden on one side and pine trees on the other connected by an arch footbridge called Indreni Pull (Rainbow Bridge) if the visitor is not willing to take a full round of the lake. For those who love to take long walks, it's a pleasant three and a half km long path which winds around the lake. The depth of water varies from 3 feet to 25 feet.

There are pony rides, boating, fish feeding, and picnics to enjoy, and you can hop onto a paddle boat for a breezy spin around the lake. On a clear day, the lake reflects the image of Mt Kanchenjunga which just adds a whole new level to the lake's beauty.

Tingling View Point

Just 8 km away from the heart of Mirik, Tingling View Point is one of the tourist interest places travelers would love to visit. If you want to capture the view of the entire 8 tea garden which is in Mirik you can see it from here. The viewpoint is known for being the best vantage point to see the rolling tea garden on the hill. The panoramic view of the surrounding lush greenery from the viewpoint is enough to melt the heart of the spectators and provide solace to the disturbed soul of them.

Mirik Sunrise View Point

If you love to watch the sunrise or sunset, the Sunrise Viewpoint is a great place for starting your day with a mesmerizing sunrise. As the name suggests it lets you experience one of the most enchanting views of the sun rays unfolding the misty tea and coffee plantation surrounding the area which makes it look like glitter shimmering upon the garden.

Rai Daph

Time spent with your loved ones is always special and what better than picnicking in a place surrounded by a lush tea garden. Rai Daph is a famous picnic spot for both locals and tourists. These are just a few places that make Mirik a popular tourist destination where you can visit and enjoy the fresh air.

Pashupati Market

Just about 15 km away from Mirik, Pashupati Market is one of the most happening and interesting places near the town. Located in the Indo-Nepalese border, the market stays crowded for most of the time with the locals, shoppers as well as tourists. Exploring the entire market is fun as the visitors will come across different kinds of shops and people. As it is a cross country market, strict checking and restrictions are there. However, visitors can still buy clothes, perfumes, artifacts, jewelry, and more if they want.

Bokar Monastery

The finest embodiment of ancient Chinese architecture, Bokar Monastery is the sightseeing place to visit in Mirik Darjeeling. It is just less than a kilometer away from Mirik Lake. Also known as Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling Monastery, this Buddhist religious site was established in the year 1986. The monastery is the home of at least 500 monks who learn and practice the teachings of Lord Buddha. Near the monastery, the founder of the monastery Kybje Bokar Rinpoche also made a retreat center to practice Kalacakra, a series of Buddhist texts, and a major practice lineage in Indian Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.

Mirik Bazaar

Mirik Bazaar is a must-visit for travelers who are visiting the town. On the Northern side of Mirik Lake, the bazaar has become the commercial center of the region. Travelers those who want to experience the lifestyle, culture, and livelihood of the local people, the Mirik Bazar is the ideal place to visit. As a visitor, travelers will certainly love the activities of the locals and the people coming from surrounding villages and tea gardens.

Mirik Helipad

The Helipad of Mirik, constructed in the year 1991, is another popular tourist interest in the town. Initially made for the purpose of a helicopter landing, it has now turned into a viewpoint for the locals as well as visitors to enjoy the spectacle of the entire Mirik town and the snow-peaked Kanchenjunga.

Things to Do in Mirik Darjeeling

There are lots of things to do in this small hill station. Visitors will not get bored at all as they can do the following activities:

Go for Shopping

Mirik has its own market from where travelers can do their shopping. The nearby Pashupati Market can also be explored. These two markets are certainly worth visiting as visitors will get to know the lifestyle of the locals. Shopping for perfumes, artifacts, clothes, and more is one of the best activities to do in the city.

Visit the Religious Sites

The town has several religious sites such as Monastery and Church. One can visit Bokar Monastery which exhibits the architectural excellence of Buddhist architecture. The visitors can wander around the monastery; behold the painting painted outside along with the decorated stupas mostly painted in white. One can also visit Don Bosco Church just 1.5km away from the center of the town. Visitors can take part in the prayers and can enjoy the peaceful ambiance this church always provides.

Go for Boating and Horse Riding

Boating in Sumendu Lake is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities. Boating in the middle of the lake will provide a joyous and calmful consciousness while the visitors will be surrounded by the enclosing pine forest. Near Mirik Lake and on the footbridge over the lake, travelers can also try horse riding that increases the thrilling experience to another level.

How to Reach Mirik

The most convenient way to reach Mirik is by Road. Many Buses and taxis are available regularly from all the nearby major cities. With North Bengal Tourism's Darjeeling Mirik Tour Packages, you can quite easily hire a car by simply a phone call. Nevertheless, let's have a look at all the available transportation options.

By Road: Siliguri, Darjeeling, and Kurseong are the major cities near Mirik. All these cities are well connected with other locations of India. Hence, you can get a bus or hire a taxi to finally reach Mirik from Darjeeling, Siliguri, Kurseong, or Bagdogra. The distance from Darjeeling to Mirik is 61 km whereas Siliguri to Mirik distance is 46 km.

By Rail: NJP is the major railway station near Mirik. After reaching NJP, you can hire a taxi to travel to your desired location. The Distance between NJP to Mirik is 54 km.

By Flight: Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Mirik at a distance of 45 km. At Bagdogra, regular flights are available from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.


Mirik, being a popular tourist destination, does not disappoint sightseers when it comes to accommodation. There are plenty of hotels and homestays available in Mirik to stay. Most of the hotels of the town are located in the southern part of Sumendu Lake and they stay mostly congested. One of the advantages of staying in these hotels is that the guests can have a beautiful view of this serene lake from the hotel's window or the balcony. Equipped with most of the latest amenities, staying in these homestays will provide the guests a great experience of holidaying in the town.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather of Sikkim is mostly soothing. The temperature does not fall sharply at all even during the season of winter. The sky also remains clear and the view of Kanchenjunga is quite prominent. The months of March to May and September to December are the peak season in Mirik when thousands of tourists flock here to escape the intense heat wave of the plain.

Why Visit Mirik near Darjeeling

Mirik, a beautiful mountain retreat in the outskirts of Darjeeling, makes an amazing holiday getaway in the hills. Mirik is a paradise for all the people who long for the unhurried pace of life with soothing weather all around the year.

So, this holiday, make a plan to explore Darjeeling and Mirik with North Bengal Tourism. Get a tailor-made Mirik tour package at the lowest price. Fill up the Quick Enquiry Form or Contact us to get a free tour quote.

F.A.Q on Mirik Darjeeling

Q. How many days are enough to cover Mirik?

Just one full day is enough to cover all the tourist places and attractions in Mirik. More days can be added to the trip if the travelers also want to visit nearby destinations like Darjeeling, Gangtok, Lava, Lolegaon, etc.

Q. What is the best time to visit Mirik?

Travelers can visit this small town at any season of the year. However, the most preferred time is during the months of September to December and then again from March to May because of the pleasant weather and the clear sky.

Q. What are the things to buy in Mirik?

Many perfumes, handcrafted products, carpets, sweaters, jackets, gloves, and other kinds of clothes can be bought from the markets of this city.

Q. How to reach the city?

Mirik can only be reached by road. However, the nearest railway station is NJP and the nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport. Cars are available to rent from both of these stations.

Q. Is it safe to visit Mirik?

Visiting Mirik is completely safe. One can roam around the city at any time as crime rarely happens here. However, staying alert is still recommended so that you don't get cheated or pickpocketed.

Q. What are the things to do in the city?

During your stay in the cozy hotels in Mirik, you can go for horse riding and boating. Moreover, visit the viewpoints, monasteries, churches and more.

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