North Bengal and its Travel Destinations

North Bengal

Have you ever wondered why West Bengal is too diverse from other states? It is because of North Bengal which is full of magnificent places and people of various cultures. North Bengal is a combination of many beautiful cities. They are all different from others. Now in order to explore the beauty of these cities, we have to know about North Bengal first. Let us in the following paragraphs describe North Bengal's history, culture and most importantly its travel destinations.

North Bengal is a combination of many districts which are Cooch Behar, Darjeeling, Dakshin Dinajpur, Alipurduar, Kalimpong, Jalpaiguri, Malda, Murshidabad, Uttar Dinajpur, etc. In the past, the name of North Bengal was Gour, but that region also included many districts of Bangladesh such as Rajsahi or Rangpur. Jalpaiguri division and Malda Division of West Bengal come under North Bengal. There are many beautiful cities located in these divisions such as Darjeeling, Hasimara, Balurghat, Alipurduar, Malda, Malbazar, Kalimpong, Mirik, Raiganj, Siliguri, Cooch Behar, etc. They are all worth to visit. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, let us describe them one by one for you.

Travel Destinations of North Bengal


When it comes about the most popular hill stations in India, the name Darjeeling comes to our mind first. It is a city located near the mighty Himalayan Range at an elevation of 6,700 ft (2042.2m). Darjeeling is quite popular for its tea industry. Tiger Hill, the third highest mountain in the world is located here and the splendid sunrise of it is an epic experience of a lifetime. Darjeeling is famous for its Darjeeling Railways too and it is also Unesco's one of the World Heritage Sites. Therefore, it is a popular tourist destination and there are plenty of tourist places in Darjeeling. Now in the following paragraphs, let us discuss them.
One of the most attractive travel destinations of North Bengal is Tiger Hill. It is full of scenic beauty and if you are ready to bear the intense cold, you can see and witness the beauty of the first rays of the sun on Mount Everest. But, you have to stay focused because it usually happens with a blink of an eye.
Darjeeling Toy Train or DHR is one of the beautiful travel destinations of North Bengal. The journey in this toy train is a wonderful experience. One can view the amazing sights of the train which give.pleasure to the eyes. It was also declared as Unesco World Heritage Site. And it usually runs between Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling.
One of the travel destinations of North Bengal is Batasia Loop. It is a picturesque railway track. It is an elevated area below Ghum and has spiral railway tracks through a tunnel over a summit. The surrounding things with their unique beauty are what attract all the tourists.
Darjeeling is known to the world because of its scenic hill stations. And this is why it is one of the best travel destinations of North Bengal. It is the best way to experience the panoramic view of Darjeeling. The journey of Ropeway offers tourists to experience the scenic beauty of hills and the valleys of Darjeeling. The ropeway passes over many beautiful things such as forests, waterfalls, flowing rivers, green valleys, and tea gardens. Thus if you want to visit Darjeeling, it is highly recommended to have a ride in it.

How to Reach Darjeeling

The transport system of Darjeeling is good enough. The city can be reached by the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway from New Jalpaiguri or by National Highway 55 from Siliguri. The nearest airport is Bagdogra and from the airport, tourists can hire vehicles to reach here. It usually takes 3 hours to reach the destination.

Where to stay

It is not a headache for the tourists to think about the problems of staying here. Here in Darjeeling, there are a lot of hotels and resorts available to stay.


Malda is one of the ancient towns of West Bengal. It is located 365 km north and 260 km south of Siliguri. In the past, the name of the town was English Bazar because an English factory was established here in this town. It is located in the Western river of Mahananda. The weather in the town stays usually charming. The temperature of the town stays as high as 46-degree Celsius during summer time and the temperature falls as low as 4 degree Celsius during winter.
There are many travel destinations in Malda and Gaur is one of them. It is situated 12 km south of Malda. The Indo-Bangladesh border is the main attraction of this place. There are many beautiful mosques can be seen here such as Latan Mosque, Bara Sona Mosque, etc. Gomti Gate and Firoz Minar are also worth to see here. Pandua is another attractive place with many Muslim architectures such as Adina mosque and many other small architectures.

How to Reach Malda

In order to reach Malda, tourists can take a bus or train services. National Highway 34 crosses through the city and it is also accessible by airways. Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Malda which is located at a distance of 16 km from Siliguri.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels in Malda which are available throughout the year. Tourists can also stay at lodges offered by West Bengal Tourism.


Kalimpong is one of the major travel destinations of North Bengal. It is situated at an average elevation of 1250 meters. The town is close to Bhutan-Tibet-Sikkim border on the eastern part of Darjeeling Himalayas. The astonishing and charming weather and places of Kalimpong attract tourists to visit the town. There are many attractive places in Kalimpong and in we are mentioning them one by one.
Deolo Hill is the highest point of the town. It is one of the famous tourist destinations of Kalimpong. You can enjoy the beauty of Himalaya, surrounding villages, neighboring states, and valleys. Zan Dhok Parli monastery is quite popular among tourists for its beautiful environment. Tharpa Choling Monastery is also quite attractive to visit. It is an ancient monastery established near the KD Pradhan Road. There are also many Hindu temples which are worth mentioning.

How to Reach Kalimpong

Kalimpong is usually situated near The National Highway 31A. It links Sevoke to Gangtok and Highway NH31 connects Sevoke to Siliguri. You can opt for regular buses and hired vehicles to reach Kalimpong from Siliguri. The nearest airport is Bagdogra and the nearest rail station is New Jalpaiguri.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels available in Kalimpong to stay. All the hotels stay open all the time. Therefore, you will not face any difficulties.


Jalpaiguri is the must-visit travel destinations of North Bengal. There are plenty of tourists places out there in Jalpaiguri. Therefore it is quite beneficial for tourists.
Gorumara National Park is one of the attractive places of Jalpaiguri. The park is quite popular for Asiatic one-horned rhino. There is a watchtower in the rest house which gives a panoramic view of the entire park. Tourists can enjoy folk songs in the evening which is a joy to watch.
Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary on the bank of Torsa river. The main attraction of this destination is one-horned rhino, leopard, deer, etc. You can opt for elephant and jeep safaris to explore the beauty of this place.
Jalpesh Mandir of Maynaguri is a popular temple in Jalpaiguri. It is a quite famous temple of North Bengal at the distance of 3km of Maynaguri.

How to Reach Jalpaiguri

You can reach Jalpaiguri by bus, train and by an airplane too. There are many private buses and many government buses are also available and Bagdogra Airport is the nearest one of Jalpaiguri.

Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar is one of the most attractive travel destinations of North Bengal. Its name was Koch Bihar in the past. Cooch Behar is famous for Cooch Behar Palace, Rajbari National Park, Sagardighi, Madan Mohan Temple and many more.
Cooch Behar Palace is a magnificent construction of Cooch Behar. It has been recently turned into a museum. Therefore tourists can see and know more about Maharaja Nipendra Narayan. Madan Mohan Temple is another tourist spot of Cooch Behar. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Madan Mohan who was the "Kul Devta" of Cooch kings. Apart from popular monuments, Cooch Behar is also popular for many lakes and among them, Rasik Lake is the most famous one. By seeing the ongoing demand of tourists, the Forest Department has built a forest rest house to experience the beauty of nature.

How to Reach Coochbehar

Travelling to Cooch Behar is quite easy as the city has its own airport and railway stations.

To sum it up, one must undoubtedly say that North Bengal is the heart of West Bengal. It is full of travel destinations where tourists can visit and see the beauty of nature. On the other hand, tourists can come to know and meet variously cultured and religious people such as Hindus, Nepalis, Gorkhas, and Rajbangsis, etc. They even can taste various foods available in North Bengal. In short, if you want to experience the peace of mind and want to avoid daily stresses of life just book yourself a ticket to Nort Bengal. You can even contact us to get help as you already know, we are "The Reason to Travel in North Bengal".