Mongpu or Mungpoo: The Summer Retreat of Tagore


From Ghum towards Tagda cantonment lays the small old settlement at an altitude of 3,700 ft Mongpu. Mongpu is also spelt Mungpoo or Mongpoo. On the way towards Mongpu travelers will come across colorful flower nurseries, rolling virid tea gardens, and streams with crystal clear water.

Mungpoo is famous for the production of quinine a drug used for Malaria. Though the modern-day artificial quinine caused lesser production still it is an active source of income for this place. The vast area around Mongpu is full of Cinchona plantations. Quinine is extracted from dried cinchona barks. While entering Mongpu you may notice large constructions on both sides of the road. These constructions are made for drying up cinchona before extraction.

Attractions and Activities in Mongpu

Even though a secluded hamlet in Darjeeling, there is several attractions and activities travelers can enjoy here.

Government Cinchona Factory

In 1864 the Government Cinchona factory was established here. This is still running. Tourists can visit this factory without paying any entry fees and if proven lucky can witness the quinine extraction process. For students, this factory demonstrates quinine extraction. Botany enthusiasts will certainly be delighted while exploring this factory.

Rabindra Bhavan

Just opposite the factory, you will find another famous thing about Mongpu. That is Rabindra Bhavan which is now known as Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Museum. Here you can witness the bed and the Mahogany desk used by Tagore. Apart from these original paintings and handwritten scripts of prose and verse by Tagore are on display. The poem 'Janmadin' (birthday) was written in this house by Tagore. This house was his summer residence. From 1938 to 1940 Tagore visited Mongpu 4 times. During his last visit, he fell seriously ill. Because of this, his last visit was quite short-spanned here.

The first visit of Tagore here in this scenic hamlet Mongpoo was in the year 1938 when Maitreyi Devi, the daughter of Tagore's close friend Surendranath Dasgupta invited him to spend a holiday at her residence. Maitreyi Devi was a renowned novelist herself who wrote an award winning novel titled "Na Hanyate". Tagore while staying here wrote one of his famous poems named "Janmadin".

Munpoo Bazar

The local Baazar of Mongpu is worth exploring. The bazaar consists of many small shops and stalls. The villagers buy most of the daily essentials from this market and connect with each other. The market is somewhat crowded as compared to other places in the village. Travelers can visit this bazaar to buy any necessary items and can get to know the lifestyle of the locals.

Monastery and Schools at Mongpu

Mongpu is also known for schools. There are 12 schools in Mongpu. The worth noting school before entering Mungpoo is Agramsingh Giri School. This school is located in a beautiful setting of the hills. As there are no such views of the famous snow-capped mountains from Mongpu one can visit this place for serenity and enjoy solitude far from the madding crowd. You can visit Dinchhen Sherap Choeling Gumba or Mongpu Monastery just above the market.

Mungpoo viewpoint

There is a beautiful viewpoint that is another attraction in the village. The viewpoint offers an insane panoramic view of the enclosing hills and the third highest peak of Himalaya, Kanchenjunga. Travelers can spend some quality time.

Orchid Center

You can also visit the Orchid center 7 km from the market to witness the variety of Orchids in this area. The Orchid center named Mongpu Cymbidium Orchid Park hosts 150 varieties of orchids. It is truly the must-visit site where travelers can get to see these varieties of orchids and capture them in the photographic form to share them on social media.

Kalijhora Waterfall

Close to Mungpoo, Kalijhora Waterfall is a pictorial tourist site to visit. It is also a popular picnic spot among the locals as well as the visitors. Gushing from a height of 550 feet, the black spray of the waterfall falls into the clear blue waters of the river Teesta at the northern end of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. In other words, Kalijhora Waterfall will provide a visual treat to the eyes of the visitors.

How to Reach Mungpoo

Mungpoo falls under the Darjeeling District of West Bengal. The following are the transportation options one can avail of to reach the hamlet.

By Air: Bagdogra Airport is the nearest one. This busy airport is well connected with all the major airports of Bengal as well as entire India. The distance from Bagdogra Aiport to Mungpoo is around 60 km via NH 10. From Bagdogra Airport it usually takes two and a half hours to reach the village.

By Rail: The enclosing major railway station of the village is New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP). It is one of the entry points of North Bengal and also the busiest railway station. The distance from NJP to Mongpu is around 52 km via NH 10.

By Road: From NJP, Bagdogra Aiport, Siliguri, or even Darjeeling, travelers have the option to hire a cab or taxi. By booking an entire tour package, travelers can easily get rid of the hassle of bargaining while hiring a cab.

Where to Stay in Mongpu

There are no hotels and resorts available in the village. Being a secluded hamlet, there are very few choices of accommodation available. However, travelers can opt for homestays that are being run by the locals. Guests will get only the basic amenities here. Besides, PWD Guest House can also be booked depending on the availability of the room.

What is the Best Time to Visit Mongpu

Travelers can visit the village at any month of the year. Because of its pleasant weather, tourists flock here at any time. The temperature stays soothing and does not decrease distinctly. However, still, the best time to visit Mongpu is during June and then again from October to December when visitors will be able to witness the cinchona plantation in full bloom and the pleasant weather.

Few Travel Tips about Mongpu

Q. Is Mungpoo too cold?

Mungpoo is not too chilly. The lowest average temperature recorded here is 4°C during in the season of winter.

Q. How to reach this hamlet?

The hamlet can be reached by renting a car from any of its enclosing destinations. If travelers opt for an entire tour package, transportation will be included.

Q. What makes Mongpu worth visiting?

Mongpu has some great attractions and also has a rich history linked with Rabindranath Tagore. The worth visiting attraction over here is Rabindra Bhavan, Kalijhora Waterfall, Orchid Center, Dinchhen Sherap Chhoeling Gompa and more.

Q. How Safe is this village?

The village is extremely safe to visit. The villagers are friendly and crime rarely happens here. However, one still should not wander around the village at night as no place is 100 percent safe.

Q. How many days are required to explore Mungpoo?

One day is more than enough. However, if you want to visit other nearby destinations with it, 2 Nights 3 Days will be enough.

Q. What is the distance between Darjeeling and Mongpu?

The distance from Darjeeling to Mongpu is approximately 19 km. It would take not more than 1 hour to reach by car.

Q. What will be the ideal time to visit this village?

To beat the intense heat of the plain, the months of summer will be the ideal time to visit this hilly settlement when the weather stays quite soothing and pleasing.

Q. Is it allowed to visit Rabindra Bhavan at any time?

Except for Sunday, Rabindra Bhavan is open for tourists on all days of the week.




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