Phalut, offbeat destinations in Darjeeling

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”. Mountains has always provided the adventurer with the challenge which has fueled the thirst for overcoming the difficult choices in their life or teaching them no problem is large enough then reaching at the top of the mountain. The thrill of trekking through the rugged terrain while testing and pushing your limits if you like those things then trekking towards Phalut is perfect for you. Phalut is one of the highest peaks of Singalila range and located in Darjeeling district at an altitude of 11,811 ft. This is the second highest point in Singalila ridge after Sandakphu (11,929 ft). It is said that trekking to Himalayas is incomplete without Sandakphu Phalut trek. Phalut, a paradise for the lovers of trekking, lies on one of the loftiest eminences of the Singalila range at an elevation of 11900ft above sea level.

Located 80km from Darjeeling the unique location of Phalut lets the tourist and adventurer enjoy the journey with an amazing trail boosting with the vibrant wildlife giving them chance to bask in the glory of Himalayan flora and fauna. During spring season the route is more beautified with the blooming vista of rhododendron flowers. Phalut offers the nearest view of snow ranges obtainable in Darjeeling district. Nestling amidst charming mountain scenery with magnificent view of snow peaks and glaciers, Phalut is very attractive to the trekkers. Few trekkers' hut and bungalows are available here providing accommodation for the trekkers. Phalut is located on the Indo-Nepal border due to which the trail leading towards Phalut swings between India and Nepal border area. The high altitude of Phalut resulted in Phalut being a windy region so the tourist should be prepared for sudden changes of weather accompanied by short, heavy downpours. Tourists who don’t have stamina to walk all the way towards the second highest peak Phalut, they can opt to ride on a vintage 1950’s Land Rover from Manebhanjan. Manebhanjan is a quaint transit town famous among the tourist for being the gateway towards Singalila Range. Manebhanjan is the only place in the Darjeeling District where one can see a vast collection of this vintage yet trusted motor vehicle. The motor able roads towards Phalut are not well paved road which you see on the city but it’s more of a clear path filled with gravels, the ride towards Phalut is not an easy ride but with an unforgettable view. 3 of the 14 8000’ers stand tall and proud, visible in all their glory after reaching Phalut is just breath taking making you forget all about the tiresome journey.

Himalayas has been blessed by some of the most rare and exquisite beauty of Mother Nature which has ensnared the heart of travelers from around the globe. Phalut with its surreal natural beauty untainted by the modernized society far from the maddening crowd has become the save haven of tourist seeking refuse and solitude amidst the daunting Himalayan range. Whether you are trekking or riding the journey towards the mystical point is filled with endless moments of thrill and awe-inspiring view.

Best time to visit Phalut

Every season has its own charm to be relish on the way to Phalut but to enjoy the vista of snow capped mountains in its full glory from Phalut the best season to venture upon the rugged terrains is considered to be form end of October to mid December when the sky is clear but if you want to catch the glimpse of valley plunged in the mesmerizing shade of red the best to visit Phalut is during April to May when the Singalila National Park is bursting with the vibrant color riot of blooming rhododendron.



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