Mongpong, offbeat destination in Dooars

Nestled on the banks of roaring River Teesta and overlooking the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is Mongpong the gateway of Dooars. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest reserve with a wide range of flora & fauna including Royal Bengal Tigers. Located 35km from the bustling city of Siliguri, Mongpong is an uncongested little village-cum-forest area that boasts of a check post and a few local shops, and it makes the perfect picnic spot during the winter season. Travelers from far and wide visit Mongpong to witness the grandiose site of the Teesta River as it liberates itself at Mongpong after remaining caged by steep rocks throughout its 200 odd Km journey from the snow-capped mountain of Sikkim.

Located on the fringe of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Mongpong is endowed with rich flora and fauna. Mongpong with its enthralling beauty has emerged as a favored offbeat destination of Dooars. The journey towards the gateway of Dooars, Mongpong is filled with pictorial locations with astounding views of Coronation Bridge over river Teesta, a beautiful example of the modern Indian architecture. From Coronation Bridge tourist can catch the mesmerizing vista of emerald green colored river Teesta with the backdrop view of the snow capped Himalayan Range on clear day. The sight of river Teesta will accompany visitors through most of their journey towards Mongpong which is an added charm in the journey towards Mongpong. The unique location of Mongpong attracts vast number of migratory birds and water fowls like Pintail duck, Bar-headed goose, Poachard, Brahminy duck, Mallard from all the way to Central Asia and Ladakh making Mongpong the birding paradise in Dooars for avid bird watchers.

Being the Gateway of the Dooars, Mongpong is dotted with pictorial destinations of Dooars region within an easy accessible route. There are many sightseeing places like Chalsa, Murti, Bindu, and Jhalong nearby Mongpong which may hype the interest of tourists. All these sightseeing destination of Mongpong are the less trodden destination of Dooars which thrives with natural beauty. Located 7km from Mongpong is an old and reputed tea estate of Dooars called Washabari. Next to Washabari is the Leesh River. The river looks docile for most part of the year but during the Monsoon months, Leesh sometimes becomes violent and has record of breaking into Oodlabari and Washabari area including destroying forests and tea gardens. The view of the river and the hills from the highway bridge is very attractive. Tourist staying in Mongpong can go for a day hike upstream the Leesh River.

An hour’s walk from Bagrakot up the river will take the visitors to an abandoned coal mine on the bank of Leesh River. Tourists traveling to Mongpong can also explore the verdant forest of Dooars like Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, and Jaldapara National Park. These are some major forest reserve of Dooars blessed with flora and fauna. Mongpong offers an astounding view of the East Himalayas and added up with the serene ambiance Mongpong becomes the ideal destination to rejuvenate the tired soul of tourist while traveling in Dooars Region. There are few homestays in Mongpong for the visitors who want to spend some lone time in this offbeat destination. But the Forest Rest House is known to be the best place to stay while traveling in Mongpong.

Watching the sun set behind the horizon while glazing the Teesta River and the adjacent valleys with a golden hue before being engulfed by the dark veil of night, can be an astounding sight which can be witnessed from Mongpong. Mongpong is the perfect place to relax and start your wonderful journey of Dooars.

Best time to visit Mongpong

Blessed with a pleasant weather, the beauty of Mongpong can be relished throughout the year. But if visitors want to catch an unhindered view of snow capped Himalayas, the best time to visit Mongpong is between October-December when sky remains clear.



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