Rocky Island

Rocky Island, offbeat destination in Dooars

Sited amidst the thick emerald forest and green lush valley along the meandering River Murti, is a new found jewel of Dooars region called Rocky Island. Located 82km from the bustling city of Siliguri, Rocky Island with its untainted beauty and serene ambiance has emerged one of the favored offbeat destinations of North Bengal. Rocky Island is an island in River Murti made with the formation of giant stones. Endowed with surreal natural beauty, Rocky Island has become the safe haven of the tourists who like spending their weekend far from the hassle of daily life midst the serenity of Mother Nature.

Nestled on the foothills of Himalayan Range and located 2km from Samsing the unique location of Rocky Island has made it an ideal destination for partaking in adventurous activities like Rock Climbing and Trekking. Enclosed by lush tea garden, Samsing is another favored offbeat destination of Dooars. Rocky Island has attracted many adventurers who are traveling towards Dooars region. Surrounded by lofty mountains and thick wooded forest Rocky Island is dotted with amazing trekking routes. The trail through the thick wooded forest from Rocky Island leads visitors towards some pictorial destination like Todey Tangta. Todey and Tangta are the two picturesque hamlets located at an elevation of 1500mt they are the closest Indian villages along the Indo-Bhutan border. There are smaller trekking route in Rocky Island for the tourist who are not willing to opt for a long treks, Mouchuki being one of the favored treks. Located beside River Neora Mouchuki is a picturesque spot famous for offering the trekkers with an outstanding view of the Himalayan Range on one side and lush green plains of Dooars region of the other side.

As the name suggest Rocky Island is filled with rocks varying in size from the tiny pebble to gigantic rocks like Hansdunga, Neel Kanta, Bhimsen and Pathar Kailas. The gigantic rocks of Rocky Island are often used by the tourist for rock climbing. Angling in the white streams of river Murti for Katla (name of a fish) is another favored tourist activity of Rocky Island. But the best part of traveling to Rocky Island is you get to connect your soul with nature while camping under the starry night with only basic amenities. Listening to the sound of gurgling river stream while basking in the bounty of Mother Nature, which is slowly perishing but in Rocky Island the nature is still flourishing creating a safe haven for the tourist who still thrives to cradle on the lap of pristine nature. The journey towards Rocky Island is in itself an unforgettable experience which is filled with pictorial views of the changing landscape from dense forest area to the lush green tea gardens and when the road change into the unpaved trails full of pebbles it acts a reminder that the ride towards Rocky Island is about to end and finally crossing the hanging bridge over the river Murti on foot the sight of huge rocks lying along the sparkling river stream will greet the travelers in Rocky Island.

The mesmerizing sight of the Rocky Island has ensnared the heart of many tourists and kept them spell bound. Although, tent accommodation is the most preferred way to spend a night in Rocky Island, there are also few nature resorts and homestays in and around Rocky Island for the traveler who do not like to astray to far from comfort of home. Camping under the full moon when river Murti sparkles beneath the luminous ray of moonlight, while listening to the roaring yet luring sound of river Murti and chirping of crickets in Rocky Island can be an experience to be cherished life time. Endowed with goodness of Mother Nature Rocky Island of Dooars region with its enthralling scenic beauty, tranquil ambiance and land base adventure activities has become the safe haven for adventurer and nature lover traveling in Dooars.

Best time to visit Rocky Island

The beauty of Rocky Island can be relished throughout the year due to its pleasant weather but if the tourists want to indulge in activities like camping and trekking the best time to visit Rocky Island is during winter season from mid October to December when the sky remains clear and tourist can enjoy the grand vista of Himalayan range.



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