Chuikhim Kalimpong - An enticing Village in North Bengal

Chuikhim - Offbeat Destination in Kalimpong

Kalimpong with its plethora of tourist destinations never fails to mesmerize its visitors. In these overcrowded tourist destinations, there are some alluring offbeat destinations. One such newly found offbeat tourist attraction is Chuikhim which came to the spotlight in recent years.

In the Kalimpong District of West Bengal, Chuikhim is a tiny village located on the Southern region of Kalimpong Hills. Situated at an elevation of about 3500 feet and amidst the vast stretch of lush tea gardens, Chuikhim in Kalimpong has prospered as one of the first choices of travellers.

What to See in and around Chuikhim Kalimpong

Being a hamlet of just 260 families, Chuikhim offers a serene ambience that usually all the peace seeker travellers want. Leesh Chu, a shimmering river, cutting across the village, increases the beauty of it. Here are the things you will get to see during your stay at this mesmerizing abode.

  • A Sublime vista of the surrounding mountain hills covered with green lush vegetation.
  • Chel, Ghish and many other unnamed streams floating calmly across the valley.
  • Vibrant Himalayan Birds of Chuikhim that can be seen flying relentlessly.
  • Magnificent sunrise of Chuikhim looming over the mountain peaks and setting down by the forest.
  • Blossoming Tagar Trees, vibrant orchids and other Himalayan flowers.
  • Nearby hamlets like Loegaon and Samtahar which are just 23 km and 25 km distance away respectively.

What to Do in and around Chuikhim

Being able to escape from the clutch of urbanization, staying here at Chuikhim is lifetime memory in itself. While staying at this quaint hamlet, you can do a plethora of activities and they are as follows.

  • Trek in and around the village through the trekking trails through the chel forest. Trek to adjacent hamlets like Lolegaon, Samtahar, etc.
  • Wander through the forest and spot many different species of birds.
  • Walk around the village to get familiar with the lifestyle of local habitats and also relish the beauty of the blossoming flowers.
  • Spend the morning at leisure while watching a sunrise in its fiery burst of colours.
  • Listen to the hypnotizing song of crickets while gazing to the twinkling stars in the sky.

How to Reach Chuikhim Kalimpong

Chuikhim, being an offbeat destination, can be reached by road only. The nearest railway station and the airport are NJP and Bagdogra respectively. Upon reaching NJP or Bagdogra airport, you have to hire a vehicle towards Kalimpong. Moreover, cars are also available to hire from Siliguri. The distance from Siliguri to Chuikhim is approximately 85 km.

Where to Stay in Chuikhim Kalimpong

There are no hotels and resorts here at Chuikhim. Only homestays facility is available to stay. Humro Home Chuikhim is the best place to stay here which provides best facilities. Moreover, local people have transformed their homes as homestays to provide accommodation option to the tourists.

Perfect Time to Visit Chuikhim

There is no perfect time to visit this scenically blessed hamlet. The weather stays charming most of the time. However, October-November or March-April is considered to be the best time to visit this hamlet.



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