Dalapchand Kalimpong

Dalapchand - Offbeat Destination in Kalimpong

Hidden amidst the luxuriant forest and the daunting mountain peaks of Himalaya, Dalapchand is a newfound village near in Kalimpong block. Situated in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, Dalapchand gained its prominence among nature enthusiasts due to its tranquil atmosphere and astonishing view of the mountain peaks.

Quite adjacent to Labha and Algarah, Dalapchand in Kalimpong is a perfect destination for holidaymakers no matter if they are a peace-seeking or adventure-loving one.

Attractions to See in Dalapchand Village

Dalapchand gained prominence as a tourist spot in the map of Kalimpong in recent years. It is yet to explore completely. Hence, the beauty of it is still untouched and undisturbed. Here are the things you might find attractive to see in the village.

  • The green lush surrounding along with the alluring view of the mountain peaks especially Kanchenjunga.
  • The gardens of every household adorned with Blooming flowers of Himalaya.
  • A stunning sunrise looming over the mountain peaks in the backdrop of the village.
  • Nearby sightseeing places like Sangchen Gumba, Teesta Valley Tea Garden, Algarah, Rishop, Lava, Neora Valley National park.

Activities to Do in the Hamlet

Being far from the tourist rush, in Dalapchand, all you can enjoy is the complete serenity of nature. Apart from relishing the beauty of nature, here are the following activities you can enjoy doing.

  • One can walk around the alleys of the village to relish the beauty of the surrounding.
  • Admire the captivating vista of the snow-clad Mount Kanchenjunga along with the sunset looming over the mountain peaks.
  • Watch the daily activities of the villagers. Get to know their traditions and lifestyles.
  • Spend the evening at leisure while witnessing a crimson sunset.
  • Trek through the astounding trekking trails. Have a short excursion to the nearby sightseeing places like Algarah, Rishop, Lava, Neora Valley National park, etc.

Where to Stay in this Village

Being an offbeat destination, homestay is the only mode of accommodation available to stay here. There are only few Homestays in Dalapchand which offer most of the basic amenities a guest usually needs.

How to Reach Dalapchand in Kalimpong

Dalapchand is well connected by road from most of the nearby cities. Hired cars are available from NJP, Bagdogra or even Siliguri to reach the hamlet via Sevoke and Kalijhora. Bagdogra is its nearest airport and NJP is the nearest Railway Station.

Best Time to Visit Dalapchand

Any months of the year is the ideal time to visit the village. The weather stays amazing all the time and the temperature never becomes unbearable at all. However, visiting here during the season of Monsoon should be skipped due to the frequent landslides.



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