Lingsay Khasmahal

Lingsay - Offbeat Destination in Kalimpong

Situated at an elevation of 4800 feet above sea level, Lingsay or Lingsey is an offbeat village in the Kalimpong District of West Bengal. Nestled beside the border of West Bengal and Sikkim, this village is truly a tiny paradise blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and sights.

Those who are in love with Himalaya will truly love to visit the hamlet as it offers splendid mountain peaks. About 48 km distance away from the heart of Kalimpong, the major three Himalayan tribes can be seen here such as the Lepchas, the Bhutias, and the Nepali. The combination of cultures, traditions, and heritage of these tribes makes the visitors wholly spellbound.

Attractions in and around Lingsay Khasmahal

Apart from the scenic beauty, Lingsey does not have much to offer to its visitors. However, the village has some of the finest tourist attractions nearby, and they are as follows:

  • Mulkharka Lake: About 4 km distance away from the village, Mulkharka is a cliffside lake. The serene lake offers a soothing view of nature. The reflection of Kanchenjunga on the lake is a real treat to behold.
  • Aritar Lake: 7 km distance away from Lingsay village, Aritar is a popular tourist site in East Sikkim. This sacred lake has a lush green surrounding that creates a calmful ambiance. The surrounding attractions can also be visited.
  • Lepcha Monastery: Founded during the 19th century, Lepcha Monastery is one of the ancient religious sites in the Darjeeling Hills. The monastery exhibits the rich culture and traditions of Buddhism.
  • Lepcha House: The nearby Lepcha House is another major attraction. The construction is astonishing which makes it worth visiting.
  • Servang Waterfall: A cascading waterfall named Servang is also quite worth visiting. This waterfall is around 200 feet tall which makes it one of the tallest in the region.
  • Sherpa Monastery: As the name suggests, Sherpa Monastery is a Buddhist religious site maintained by the Sherpa community of the area. Visitors will truly love to explore the monastery.
  • Jhusing View Point: This lovely viewpoint gives you the sight of the Lingsay village along with the majestic Kanchenjunga in a complete panorama.
  • Bhutia Monastery: Also known as the Sanga Choeling Monastery, this is one of the major religious sites near Lingsay village. It is believed to be one of the oldest monasteries you can visit in the region.

Activities to Do in and Around Lingsay

Lingsay, the breathtaking settlement provides you the opportunity to explore mountains, waterfalls, forests, and some of the finest serene lakes of the region. The following activities one can do while staying in Lingsey Village.

  • Trekking is a popular activity in the region. The village is connected with several trekking spots like Jhusing, Tagathang, Mulkharka , etc.
  • Go for an excursion to all the nearby attractions like Aritar Lake, Mulkharka Lake, Lepcha Monastery, and more.
  • Go for Birding through the surrounding forested area where you can spot a variety of Himalayan Birds.

How to Reach the Village

  • By Air: Bagdogra is the only airport nearby. The distance between them is around 120 km. You will get several cars to hire from outside Bagdogra Airport.
  • By Train: New Maynaguri is the nearby railway station. Several trains run through this railway station every day. The station is just 108 km distance away from Lingsey.
  • By Road: By road, you can get a car or taxi from Siliguri, NJP, Bagdogra Aiport, and any major nearby places to reach the village comfortably.

Best Time to Visit Lingsay Village

There is no specific time needed to visit the village. Every season has its own kind of beauty and charm to offer to its visitors. The temperature stays normal for most of the months and the weather will be quite enjoying too.



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