Pabong North Bengal

Pabong, offbeat destinations in Kalimpong

Pabong, endowed with the rich green emerald forest of Neora Valley National Park, is a tiny settlement in Kalimpong quite renowned for offering a mesmerizing view of the Mount Kanchenjunga.
Perched quite near to some of the tourist attractions of Kalimpong such as Charkhole and Lolegaon, this serene hamlet has somehow escaped the clutches of commercialisation. Also known to be a paradise for bird-watchers, let's have a look at what other things Pabong has to offer to its thirsty visitors.

Things to See in Pabong

Sited atop a mountain slope, in Pabong, there are plenty of things to see and they are as follows.

  • Pabong is a fascinating destination to have a jaw-dropping view of the gigantic Kanchenjunga.
  • As it is a bird's paradise, here you can see birds like Minivet, Sunbird, Rollers, swallow, thrush, warbler etc.
  • Lush green tea gardens of the village.
  • Various Colourful flowers in the lawn of Pabong.

Activities to do Pabong

A must-visit destination to explore, here are some of the renowned things you can do at Pabong.

  • Walk around this tranquil hamlet while feeling the serenity of it.
  • Savour a thrilling view of the Mountain Kanchenjunga while sipping a cup of tea in a leisures manner.
  • Hear the melodious chirping of the Himalayan Birds.
  • Take a trail to the astounding Neora Valley Park, the green lush forest near Pabong.
  • Explore nearby tourist places such as Charkhole, Lolegaon, Lava, Kolakham, Kaffergaon, Rishop, Kolakham, Kalimpong, etc.
  • Witness various activities of local villagers; get to know the tradition and culture of them.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Pabong is a mesmerizing picture-perfect hamlet. This charming abode is embellished with paddy-fields, lush green forests, pine and alpine trees. Charkhole is the nearest place to explore. However, the other nearby destinations is Lava, Loleygaon, Rishyap, Kolakham, etc.

How to Reach Pabong

Being far away from the clutch of urban life, reaching this tiny abode is little troublesome. The major tourist places like Charkhole is 4 km away and Lolegaon is approximately 20 km away.
New Jalpaiguri (NJP) is the nearest major railway station from where taxis are available. Bagdogra is the nearest airport of the hamlet. From these two stations, taxis are available to hire up to Charkhole only due to the bad road condition.
With North Bengal Tourism's Kalimpong Car Rental Service, you can travel till up to Pabong from various pick-up points like New Mal Junction, New Jalpaiguri Junction, Siliguri, etc.

Where to Stay

Far from the hectic lifestyle of the city crowd, this calm hamlet is the ideal place to experience village life. However, if we talk about the accommodation options here, homestays of Pabong is the only option.
The homestay in this village is encircled by cultivations of Cardamom, different fruits and greens. The rooms of the homestays are quite comfortable and filled with all the necessities.

As you can see, Pabong, tiny yet an astonishing hamlet has all the tourist-friendly proportions which are enough to catch the attention of visitors. With its mesmerizing vista of Mount Kanchenjunga, this tiny settlement is ready to welcome you with its open arms. So, when are you making your leave towards it?



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