Ravangla: Travel Guide with Popular Tourist Spots

Ravangla in South Sikkim

Ravangla also spelled as Ravongla and Rawangla nestled on the foothill of Maenam and Tendong Hill is a small transit town in South Sikkim. Enclosed with the lush conifer and pine trees Ravangla with its pictorial landscape has emerged as a new-found offbeat destination of Sikkim. The proximity with Maenam Hill and Borong has made Ravangla a base for trekkers traveling in South Sikkim. Poised at an altitude of 7000 ft., Ravangla is famous for offering an unmatched view of the Greater Himalayan Range. Blessed with ethereal beauty Ravangla has been a must-visit place in Sikkim for tourists looking for a retreat in nature.

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Ravangla Sightseeing Places

Ravangla, a small transit town in South Sikkim, offers lots of sightseeing attractions to its visitors. Here are some of the worth noting tourist spots.

Buddha Park

Buddha Parks aka Tathagata Tsal is a major tourist spot in this town. The construction of the park started in the year 2006 and completed in the year 2013. Merely 1 km away from the heart of this city, Buddha Parks is located at quite a captivating location. Enclosed by the daunting Himalayas all around the lush greenery in the backdrop, the park is capable of bewitching every kind of visitor. The gigantic 130-foot statue of Buddha is what makes the place even more attractive. The park offers a too tranquil setting. Wandering around the pathways is truly fun while visitors can enjoy the surrounding greenery and a beautiful fountain in the center. There is also a lake named Cho Djo which increases the beauty of the site even more.

Titanic View Point

Not more than 18 km away from Ravangla, Titanic Viewpoint is a newly constructed tourist spot. Built in the year 2018, the viewpoint offers a sweeping view of the surrounding lush greenery on the hills as well as the splendid Himalayan range. To get the eye soothing view of the mountains and the snaking Rangeet River streaming at the bottom of the valley, travellers are flocking here every month in large numbers. The viewpoint is named so because the shape of it resembles with Titanic, a ship shown in a Hollywood movie.

Rayong Viewpoint

At an altitude of 6700 feet above sea level and merely 9 km from the town, Rayong Viewpoint is an attractive site nearby. It is quite a perfect point to enjoy great natural phenomena, sunrise. Due to its high elevation, the viewpoint offers a splendid view of the Singalila range and the Chola Range of Bhutan. The jaw-dropping sunrise while looming over the mountain peaks lightens them up. The panoramic view of Mount Narsing, Mount Jopuno, Mount Kabru, Mount Rathong, Mount Pandim, and the rest of the Himalayan Range look absolutely unearthly from here.

Ralang New Monastery

Ralang is a splendid Monastery approximately 10 km away from Ravangla, Sikkim. Also known as Ralong Palchen Choling, it is a monastery of the Kagyu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Every traveler planning to visit Sikkim should include this monastery in their tour itinerary. A huge collection of paintings and Thangkas are available to see here. The inside, as well as the outside, looks too beautiful and soothing. The Buddha statue and the scenic architecture made in the Tibetan style make it a great place to visit. Visitors can also take part at Pang Lhabsol, an annual festival held in September and usually ends in early December.

Temi Tea Estate

Not more than 35 minutes' driving distance away from Ravangla, Temi is one of the most popular tea gardens in the state. Opened in the year 1969 by the Sikkim Government, Temi has now transformed itself into a tourist spot that attracts travelers with its lush green tea garden spreading over an area of 177 hectares (440 acres) lying on the gentle slopes of Tendong Hill range. The surrounding thick wooded forests along with the nicely trimmed tea garden bring immense joy and tranquility to the minds of the travelers. Capturing Instagram-worthy photos will be fun here too.


Nestled on the foothills of the Himalayas and amidst the forest, Borong is a small town far from the clutch of urbanization. This secluded town is an ideal place to escape the stress of city life and supercharge your mind and body with the help of nature's energy. Often called the silent valley, the town offers a scenic view of the natural surroundings, the melodious sound of chirping birds, and the beauty of Mt. Kanchenjunga. In other words, it is quite a safe haven for travelers who prefer to spend time in nature instead of exploring the manmade architectures.

Maenam Hill

Maenam Hill at an elevation of 3140 meters above sea level is a rapidly growing tourist spot because of its promising view of the forested hills and the bewitching panorama of Mount Kanchenjunga in the backdrop. It is one of the popular trekking sites in Sikkim often bewitch the trekkers with its challenging trekking route and the sharp ridge. On a sunny day, trekkers get a clear view of the Kalimpong, Darjeeling as well as Bengal. By trekking, one can also visit Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary inhabiting many rare species of Himalayan birds and animals. One can spot endangered species like Red Panda, Barking Deer, Goral, Serow, Leopard-Cat, Civet-Cats, Blood Pheasant, Common Hill Partridge, Magpies, Black Eagle, and Blue necked Pita, Sunbirds and many more.

Bon Monastery

Another Tibetan Buddhist Monastery near Ravangla is Bon Monastery. It is merely a 7 km distance away and holds great historical significance being the second oldest Bon Monastery in the world. Bon Monastery is the epitome of peace and tranquility. Sometimes the echo of chants and the reading of the children make this place a lively one. Established in the year 1980 by the late Yung Dung Tsultrim, the monastery offers a scenic setting and inside the premise exhibits the beautiful paintings of Bon Demonic Buddha and Bon Deity.

Kewzing Village

Quite adjacent to Ravangla, Kewzing is another small settlement worth mentioning here. At an elevation of 1402 meters above sea level, the village is travellers' favorite because of its spectacular panoramic offering of Mt. Narsing and Mt. Kabru. This dazzling hamlet is tucked in the midst of the hill slope secured with thick chestnut timberland far from the hustle and bustle of city life. This safe haven for the varieties of birds and animals is certainly a must-visit tourist site near Ravangla Sikkim for those who are in love with none other than nature and its very own living beings.

Damthang & Tendong Hill

At an average elevation of 1,852 meters above sea level and merely 12 km from Ravangla, Damthang is another lively village. The surrounding lush greenery and the complete serenity make this a worth noting tourist spot to visit. Travelers visiting here will only be accompanied by nature and the melodious chirping of the Himalayan birds is the only song they will get to listen to. Above Damthang, Tendong Hill is a great site to behold the hills of Namchi.

Hotels and Homestays

Being a favored hill station there are many options of accommodations in Ravangla. From cozy homestay to budget hotels & resorts, visitors can choose a place according to their liking in Ravangla. With the hotel booking service of North Bengal Tourism, travelers can easily book a hotel or homestay, or resort in Ravangla at a reasonable price without compromising on quality and amenities.

How to Reach Ravangla

By air: The nearest airport of Ravangla is in Bagdogra. From Bagdogra Airport it is an approx. 5hrs journey to reach Ravangla. Bagdogra is quite a busy airport having flights from most of the major airports of Bengal. With the help of a rented car, travelers can easily travel to this town. Distance: The distance between Bagdogra to Ravangla is 127 kilometers.

By Rail: The nearest railway station of Ravangla is the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP). It is an overall 5hrs drive to reach Ravangla from NJP. Distance: The distance between NJP to Ravangla is 124 kilometers.

By Road: With the car rental service of North Bengal Tourism travelers can hire a car from NJP to reach Ravangla or rent a car from Bagdogra to reach Ravangla at a reasonable price. Some travelers also prefer breaking their journey to Ravangla by halting overnight in Gangtok. Distance: The distance between Gangtok to Ravangla is 65 kilometers.

Best Time to Visit Ravangla

The months of summer namely September, October, and November are the best time to visit Ravangla due to the soothing weather, clear blue sky, and the bewitching view of some of the most popular Himalayan peaks.

April to June: During this time of the year, the weather of Ravangla remains soothing and the valley enclosing Ravangla showcases the vibrant vista of blooming flowers.

July to September: During this time of the year, Ravangla experience an average rainfall and this is usually an off-season in Ravangla. Due to the frequent occurrence of landslides in the hill, most travelers prefer not to visit the place during the monsoon.

October to March: During this time of the year, visitors can witness the panoramic vista of the Kanchenjunga range. This is also an ideal time to partake in adventurous activities like trekking and hiking in Ravangla.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q. Is Kanchenjunga Visible from Ravangla?

Not just Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Siniolchu and Mt. Kabru are also visible from Ravangla.

Q. Should I visit this town in Sikkim?

This town should certainly be on your holiday itinerary because of its pictorial landscape, several monasteries, and the view of the entire Himalayan range.

Q. What are the worth visiting sites in this town?

The notable tourist sites in this town are Buddha Park, Bon Monastery, Ralang Monastery, Temi Tea Estate, Maenam Hill, Borong, and more.

Q. Does Ravangla have snow?

In the season of winter, the temperature of Ravangla can even go down to -10?C. Hence, snowfall occurs.

Q. What is the distance between Ravangla and Gangtok?

The distance between these two towns is not more than 70 km. 2 hrs. 37 min is the time need to reach any of these towns.


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