Silk Route Holiday Tour & Travel Packages

Silk Route Tour Packages - North Bengal Tourism offers tailor made Silk Route Tour Packages at very reasonable price with Homestays, Food, Transportation and Sightseeing. Visit the Most attractive places of Silk Route like Aritar, Mankhim, Padamchen, Dzuluk, Gnathang etc. Inquire now to get a FREE Silk Route Tour Plan along with the tour cost.

Silk Route Tour Packages: Frequently Asked Questions

The Silk Route or the Silk Road was a network of ancient trade routes that usually connected Asia, Europe, and Africa. Stretching over more than 6500 km, some part of this road is now in Sikkim and West Bengal. With our Old Silk Route Tour Packages, you can enjoy this scenically blessed site. But, in order to make your Silk Route Tour quite smooth and memorable, we have made a detailed F.A.Q for you.

Q. Why should I visit Silk Route?

A. You should have a tour to Silk Route as it is one of the best and unique tourist places in Sikkim. Located in the lap of Eastern Himalaya, Silk Route is an ideal destination for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and trekkers. Moreover, there are plenty of activities you can do in Silk Route such as biking, trekking, camping, fishing, rock climbing and many more. You will also get a magnificent view of Mount Kanchenjunga wherever you go with our Silk Route Tour Packages.

Q. What is the best time to visit Silk Route?

A. May and October are the best months to have a tour in Silk Route. During the season of summer, the temperature stays around 15-degree Celsius. However, if you like snowfall and trekking, December to April is the perfect time for you. But, it is advisable not to visit Silk Route during the rainy season as the roads get slippery this time.

Q. What is the best time to visit Zuluk?

A. Zuluk is the main attraction of our Silk Route Tour packages. It is a tiny hamlet with mesmerizing places and zigzag roads. You can visit Zuluk with our customizable Silk Route Tour Packages whenever you want. During August and September, Zuluk stays covered with blooming Rhododendrons. The whole region looks astonishing due to various other Himalayan flowers. January to April is the months of winter in Zuluk. During these months, Zuluk stays covered with snow. If you want to experience snowfall, frozen lakes, and snow-peaked mountains, winter is an ideal season to visit Zuluk. May to July is the season of Monsoon when the weather stays foggy.

Q. Is it safe to travel Silk Route?

A. Yes, visiting Silk Route with our Silk Route Tour Packages is quite safe. The local people of Silk Route are too friendly and helpful. The crime rate of Sikkim is also low. Hence, enjoy your Zuluk Tour without bearing even a single worry.

Q. How to get a Silk Route Tour Permit?

A. Getting a Silk Route Tour Permit is an easy task. All you need is passport size photos and a photo identity card like Voter Id. While coming from Gangtok, you can get the permit from Sikkim Tourism at Gangtok.

Q. Is there snowfall in Silk Route?

A. Yes, there is plenty of snow in Silk Route during the season of winter. This time the entire valley gets covered with snow and all the lakes get frozen. If enjoying the Silk Route in the snowfall is your first priority, visit this mesmerizing place with our Silk Route Tour Packages.

Q. What should I wear in Silk Route?

A. As Silk Route is quite cold, it is advisable to wear a jacket and a woolen cap. You can even bring a pair of socks to protect your feet from getting frozen. A muffler can also be worn to protect your neck from the intense cold.

Q. What are the things to do in Silk Route with our Tour Packages?

A. You can do plenty of activities during your trip with our Silk Route Tour Packages. Some of the major activities are:

  • Trekking: Trekking is a popular thing to do in Silk Route if you are a kind of adventure seeker. Trek through valleys of Silk Route and discover many yet to know places of you.
  • Sightseeing: As Silk Route is full of sightseeing places, you will get awestruck by seeing their charm and beauty. Visit Thambi View Point, Nathang Valley, Old Baba Mandir, Jelep la Pass, and many other mesmerizing sightseeing places of the Silk Route.
  • Photography: Silk Route is replete with a bunch of scenic attractions. Hence, you can capture them as photographic moments. Capture photos of the temples, valleys, and viewpoints of Silk Route.
Q. What are the places to visit in Silk Route?

A. Silk Route is full of hypnotizing places that are enough to make you spellbound. Some of the mesmerizing place and attractions are:

  • Thambi View Point: Located at an elevation of 11000 ft., this place is an ideal place to witness a magnificent sunrise from the snow-clad Himalayan Mountain Peaks.
  • Lampokharin Lake: Aritar Lake or the Lampokhari Lake is the oldest freshwater lake in Sikkim. Situated at an elevation of 1400 meters, the lake is also a perfect place for boating.
  • Aritar Gumpa: Our Silk Route Tour Packages are incomplete without adding Aritar Gumpa in our tour itinerary. It is a sacred Buddist Monastery quite popular for its artifacts, finely carved murals, traditional architectures and many more.
  • Nag Mandir: Nag Mandir is a cave a like temple of Zuluk where King Cobra or Nag is worshiped.
  • Baba Mandir: Baba Mandir is made in the honor of brave indin soldier Baba Harbajan Singh where you will experience an intense patriotic feeling.
  • Tsomogo Lake: Also known as Changu Lake, Tsomogo is the prime attraction of Silk Route. It is a glacial lake with plenty of scenic attractions.
  • Nathang Valley: Situated at an elevation of 15300 feet, Nathang Valley is the perfect place to have a panoramic view of the surrounding snow-covered landscapes.
Q. How to reach Silk Route?

A. As Silk Route is the major tourist attraction of Sikkim, reaching the Silk Route is not as hard as you think.

  • By Train: The nearest major railway station of Silk Route is New Jalpaiguri Junction. This particular railway station is nicely connected with other major cities of India such as Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi, etc.
  • By Road: You can reach Silk Route from NJP or Siliguri via National Highway 10. The distance between Siliguri to Silk Route is about 150 km.
  • By Air: The nearest airport of Silk Route is Bagdogra which is approximately 140 km away. In this particular airport, direct flights are available from any major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.
Q. How is the weather of Silk Route?

A. The weather of Silk Route stays always cold. During the season of winter, the temperature goes down zero. However, during the season of summer, the temperature stays around 15° Celsius.

Q. Is our Silk Route Tour Packages Customizable?

A. Yes, all our Silk Route Tour Packages are tailor-made. Thus, you can choose your accommodations, meals and cars as per your preferences. Whether you choose our 6 Days Silk Route Tour Packages or a Silk Route Tour Packages for 7 Days, always get the best Silk Route Tour Experience.