Ta Dzong

Ta Dzong, located above Rinpung Dzong on the bank of River Mangde is a conch shaped fortress in Paro. Ta Dzong was built under the government of the 2nd Desi, Ngoenpa Tenzin Dugda, to protect the Rinpung Dzong from the unceasing assaults from Tibet and India. In 17th century the once grandiose fortress of Ta Dzong was converted into the National Museum of Bhutan under the command of the 3rd Dragon King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck.

Housing more than 3000 artifacts dating back to 1500 years, The National Museum of Bhutan has made Ta Dzong a must visit places in Paro Valley for the inquisitive travelers visiting Bhutan.

History Of Ta Dzong

The unusual round structure of the Ta Dzong was built with just stone and wood without the aid of any nail. Although made with only stone and wood the structure of Ta Dzong is very strong. Unlike other dzongs in Bhutan, Ta Dzong survived the earthquake of 1714 which lasted for almost 15 days.

Ta Dzong even survived the earthquake of 1896. But strangely, there is no record about the builder who made Ta Dzong. There is an underground passage in Ta Dzong which is believed to connect the tower with Pa Chhu River and was used for supplying water in tower in times of war.

Interesting Fact About Ta Dzong

Did you know? Till date there is no record about the architecture who built Ta Dzong.

Things To See In Ta Dzong – National Museum Of Bhutan

  • Ancient Temples situated in premises of Ta Dzong
  • The First King's robes, the Raven Crown, the swords of the Trongsa Penlop Jigme Namgyal and the Third King, in one of the museum's galleries
  • Art technology and media room where visitors can watch documentary programs on the history of the Bhutanese monarchy
  • Panoramic view of Para Valley from the watchtower of Ta Dzong

Timing Of National Museum Of Bhutan Of Ta Dzong

Tourist who wishes to visit Ta Dzong – National Museum should note its timing.

From Tuesday to Saturday Ta Dzong Museum stays open from 9am to 4pm and on Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Except for Monday and some government holiday Ta Dzong can be visited anytime within the given schedule.

Entry Fee Of National Museum Of Bhutan

Visitors need to pay a nominal amount of entry fee to visit National Museum of Bhutan of Ta Dzong. The entry fees of National Museum of Bhutan are as follows: 10 Nu for Locals, 50 Nu for tourist from SAARC, 5 Nu for Students and 200 Nu for the Foreign Nationals. There is no entry fee charged for the Monks, Gomchen, Nuns and children below age 10.

Visitors should that the entry fee of National Museum of Bhutan of Ta Dzong is a subject to change.


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