Dooars Tour Package – Jaldapara, Buxa, Gorumara, Samsing, Jhalong

Tour ID - NBTHP0020

Destination: Dooars

Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days

Theme : Best Seller

Ex. : NJP Railway Station/ Bagdogra Airport

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Dooars with its sub-tropical forest, meandering river stream and verdant tea garden has become a favored destination for nature lovers and adventurers. In this 5 Nights and 6 Days Dooars Tour Package you will indulge in jungle safari to explore the protected forests of Dooars like Buxa, Jaldapara, Gorumara and Chilapata. Next you can get a closer look in the life of rescued felines in South Khayerbari. Beckon the beauty of magnificent monastery while learning about the traditional ethics of Bhutanese culture in Phuentsholing. You will also be visiting the offbeat destinations of Dooars like Sunthalekhola, Samsing, Rocky Island, Jhalong, Jaldhaka and Bindu which are known for the captivating charisma. In our 5 Nights and 6 Days Dooars Tour Package you will be staying in the private resorts which are known for their hospitality and great service.
All the activities and destinations of this itinerary are carefully handpicked by our expert team to give you an extravagant experience and great time in Dooars.
Dooars Tour - tentative Pickup and Drop Points - Bagdogra Airport, New Jalpaiguri Rly Stn Jalpaiguri Road Rly Stn, Mynaguri Rly Stn, New Mal Rly Stn, Hasimara Rly Stn, Alipurduar Rly Stn, Siliguri Tenzing Norgay Bus terminus, P C Mittal Bus terminus.

TRANSFER TO JALDAPARA & VISIT TO SOUTH KHAYERBARIOn arrival at NJP or Bagdogra you will be greeted by our official and then transferred to your resort in Jaldapara. It an overall drive of 3½-4hr with an approx distance of 135km. Jaldapara is a national park of Dooars which is reckoned for its vast collection of birds and housing the 2nd largest population of One-Horned Rhinoceros in India. You will be staying in a private resort in Jaldapara. After checking into the resort, freshen up. In the afternoon after lunch we will drive you to South Khayerbari Nature Park. Also known as Leopard and Royal Bengal Tiger Rescue Centre, South Khayerbari is also a rehabilitation centre. In the battery operated cars you can take a tour of South Khayerbari to observe the rescued felines in their semi natural habitat. Situated along the banks of River Torsha you can also go for boating in South Khayerbari. Return to resort and rest for the evening. Overnight stay at Jaldapara.
Dooars Tour Packages Special Tips - Jaldapara National Park: Jaldapara National Park situated under the foothills of Eastern part of Himalayas and along the bank of River Torsha in Alipurduar district of West Bengal. This forest was declared Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1941. On May 2012 Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary became National Park. Other than river Torsha Jaldapara NP is enriched with smaller rivers like Malangi, Holong, Chirakhawa, Bhaluka and Buri Torsha. The total area of this forest is 216.51 square km.

VISIT TO PHUENTSHOLING & BUXA-JAYANTI SIGHTSEEINGAfter an early morning breakfast we will drive you to Phuentsholing, the southern border town of Bhutan. It an overall journey of 1 hour with an approx distance of 30km from Jaldapara. The most prominent attractions of Phuentsholing are the Bhutan Gate, Amo Chhu (Crocodile Breeding Centre) and Karbandi Monastery. The vibrant colored buildings marking the streets of Phuentsholing shows an impeccable blend between the religious beliefs and present day ethics. You can catch the glimpse of indigenous tradition of Bhutan while visiting Phuentsholing. Later in the afternoon after lunch drive towards Buxa Tiger Reserve. It is a 2hrs drive with an approx distance of 60km. Home of the historic Buxa Fort, Buxa sprawled along the foothills of Bhutan Hills is known for its outstanding trekking routes. Start your sightseeing by visiting the ruin of Buxa Fort which is the most prominent attraction of this region. During Indian Revolution freedom fighters were held captive in Buxa Fort. Next we take you to Rajabhatkhaowa a small village inside Buxa Tiger Reserve. You can observe wild animals in their natural habitat through the Rajabhatkhaowa Watchtower of this quaint village. Later visit Pokhari Hill here you will see a sacred pond with many magur fish and decades old turtle. Next stop is the TGN Watchtower from where you can spot wild animals like Bison, Rhino, Deer and many beautiful butterflies. Lastly visit the famous Jayanti Mahakal Cave. Dedicated to Lord Shiva the cave of Mahakal is religious site which is made with beautiful stalagmites. After seeing this amazing sights return to the resort, for the rest of the evening you are free to relish the mesmerizing sunset from your room and relax in this serene ambiance of Jaldapara. Overnight stay at Jaldapara.
Dooars Tour Packages Special Tips - about Buxa Fort: Buxa Fort known for being the oldest forts in Eastern India is a famous site seeing place of Dooars region. The ancient fort of Buxa is situated at an altitude of 2600ft on the Sinchula Range of the Eastern Himalayas. Buxa Fort is one of the must visit places in Buxa Tiger Reserve. Although only the ruins of Buxa Fort remain but still it is a place of heritage value. Many patriotic Indian traveler comes to visit Buxa Fort as this was the place where the British detained many freedom fighters. There are rumours that famous freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was also kept here as a prisoner. Prior to British era Buxa Fort was an object of discussion between the Kings of Bhutan & the Koch Kings, since the fort guarded Silk Route, one of the most important routes to Bhutan. Later on November 11, 1865, British captured the Buxa Fort and converted it into a high security prison to detain the freedom fighters during Indian Revolution.

JALDAPARA JUNGLE SAFARI & SIKIAJHORA BOAT SAFARI & VISIT TO CHILAPATAWake up early to prepare yourself for the Jungle Safari in Jaldapara. During the Jaldapara Jungle Safari you will explore the dense forest of Jaldapara while spotting exquisite wild animals and if you are lucky you might even spot herd of Wild Elephant and majestic One-horned Rhinoceros, along with other wild animals like water buffalo, barking deer, wild boars, and exotic winged mammals. (Every year from 15th June to 15th September Jaldapara remains close and during this time you cannot go for elephant/ jeep safari in Jaldapara) Return to resort after the adventurous safari and have your breakfast. After breakfast proceed to Buxa for boat safari in Sikiajhora. It is a 1hr drive with an approx distance of 45km. Sikiajhora is serene river stream which flows through the dense forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Boat Safari in Sikiajhora is the best way to explore the core forest of Buxa. You can spot animals lying lazily on the river bank of Sikiajhora and if you are lucky you might spot leopards and herd of Wild Elephants. After the thrilling ride we will take you to Chilapata Forest. It is located 12km away at a 30min driving distance. Have lunch on the way to Chilapata. Famous for housing the historic Nalraja Fort, Chilapata Forest also forms a natural corridor for the large herbivores like Wild Elephant and Asiatic Rhinoceros between Jaldapara and Buxa. Here you can explore the ruin of this ancient fort which dates back to 5th Century. After exploring the famous ruins return to your resort in Jaldapara and in the evening you are free to enjoy the scenic landscape. Overnight stay at Jaldapara.
Dooars Tour Packages Special Tips - about Jaldapara: Almost one third of the Jaldapara National Park is covered with Savannah and tall elephant grass. Among trees sal, khair, sishu, simul, sirish are the main contributors of this forest. Jaldapara is mainly known for one horned rhinoceros. There are about 20 species of mammals, 240 species of birds, 8 species of fresh water turtles available in this forest. Among mammals' rhinoceros, elephant, leopard, sambar, barking deer, spotted deer, hog deer, wild bores and Indian gaurs can be seen. Bengal florican one of the rarest species of bird is found in this forest. Other birds like crested eagle, fin's weaver, jungle fowl, peafowl, partridge, lesser pied hornbills are inhabitant of Jaldapara National Park. Python, monitor lizard, krait, cobra, and gecko are important habitat among reptiles. Some rare species like the hispid hare and the hog-badger are also found in Jaldapara National Park.

TRANSFER TO LATAGURI & JUNGLE SAFARI IN GORUMARAAfter breakfast, check out from the resort and drive to Lataguri. It is an overall journey of 2hrs with an approx distance of 80km. Located on the national highway Lataguri is quaint township of Jalpaiguri District situated near Gorumara National Park. On arrival at Lataguri, check into your resort and freshen up. Lataguri is the entry point of Gorumara National Park and is surrounded by dense sub-tropical forest. In the afternoon after lunch proceed for Gorumara Jungle Safari. There are two shifts of Jungle Safari in Gorumara between 2-5pm choose according to your convenience. In Gorumara Jungle Safari you will be exploring the emerald green forest while spotting wild animals hiding midst the long elephant grass. The most commonly spotted animals are Barking Deers and Bison. (Every year Gorumara National Park remains close from 15th June to 15th September during this time you cannot go for Elephant/ Jeep Safari in Gorumara) After the thrilling jungle safari return to your resort. At the evening you are free to enjoy the serene ambiance of Lataguri. Overnight stay at Lataguri.
Dooars Tour Packages Special Tips - about Gorumara: Gorumara national park is a mix of tropical forest, bamboo groves, terrain grassland vegetation and tropical riverine reeds. Sal, common teak, sirish and simul are the major big trees of this forest.
In Gorumara national park 50 species of mammals, 194 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, 7 species of turtles and 27 species of fishes are available other then macro and micro fauna. Among mammals one horn rhinoceros, Indian gaur, Asian elephant, sloth bear, chital, sambar are the big animals. Among small animals barking deer, hog deer, wild boars are important. The only big cat available in this forest is leopard. Other than these civets and mongoose can be found. Giant squirrel is another habitant of this national park. Rare hispid hare is also been sighted in this forest.

SIGHTSEEING IN SAMSING, SUNTALEKHOLA, ROCKY ISLAND, BINDU, JHALONG AND JALDHAKAAfter an early morning breakfast prepare to unveil the beauty of the offbeat destinations in Dooars. The first destination on your list is Samsing. It is an overall ride of 2hrs with an approx distance of 85km. Samsing is a quaint village situated on the banks of River Murti. Bounded by lush tea garden, in Samsing you can learn about the traditional plantation method of this region. After admiring the beautiful tea garden in Samsing we will head to Sunthalekhola. Best known as the base for exploring Neora Valley, Sunthalekhola is another offbeat destination of Dooars. Next, drive to Rocky Island, adventurer's hub in Dooars. Sited amidst the meandering stream of River Murti, Rocky Island is made with the formation of gigantic rocks which are said to be ideal for rock climbing. River side camping, trekking and angling are the prime attractions of Rocky Island. After lunch head towards Jhalong the next destination in your list. With an approx distance of 25km from Rocky Island it is an overall journey of 1hrs to reach Jhalong. Located along the Indo-Bhutan border, Jhalong is known for its Hydro Electricity Project build on the River Jaldhaka. The dam is also used as bridge by the people from the Bhutan during the weekly market. Now we will drive you towards Jaldhaka Valley. Jaldhaka is scenic river valley sprawled on the periphery of Neora Valley National Park. And the last but not the least you will head towards Bindu the last hamlet of West Bengal. Here you can witness the impeccable view of Dooars plains and Bhutan hills. Return to resort and overnight stay in Jaldapara.
Dooars Tour Packages Special Tips - about Jhalong, Bindu Jaldhaka: Three streams known as Dudh Pokhri, Bindu Khola and Jaldhaka meets at Bindu to form Jaldhaka River. Jaldhaka River originates from a lake in Kupup, Sikkim. The dam in Bindu helps in controlling water supply for Jaldhaka Hydro electrical project. This dam can be crossed only by foot. However, recently a steel bridge was constructed nearby for light weight vehicles.

VISIT TO MURTI AND MALBAZAR & DROP TO NJP/BAGDOGRAAfter an early breakfast checkout from the resort and drive towards Murti while saying your farewell to Lataguri. Located at a distance of 60 km from Jaldapara, is an overall drive of 1½ hr to Murti. Murti is a scenically blessed destination of Dooars. Adorn the impeccable beauty of serene river stream of Murti and next you will be heading towards Malbazar. With an approx distance of 17km Malbazar is located at a 30min driving distance from Murti. Malbazar is a bustling town famous of for its sacred Hanuman Temple. And from Malbazar your last stop would be NJP/Bagdogra. If time permits have some refreshment on the way to NJP/ Bagdogra. After an overall ride of 1-1½hr you will reach NJP/Bagdogra and your 5 Nights and 6 Days Dooars Tour Package will come to an end.
Dooars Tour Packages Special Tips - about Murti River: The source of Murti River is Rechela Danda approximate altitude 11000 ft at the meeting point of Sikkim, West Bengal and Bhutan. Till Rocky Island the river is known as Asley Jhora. At Rocky Island after hitting plain land it becomes Murti River. It flows through the heart of Gorumara National Park. Murti River terminates at Jaldhaka River later on at Diana River.


  • Pick up and Drop Ex - NJP Railway Station/ Bagdogra Airport.
  • Reserved vehicle for Pickup, Drop, Transfer and Sightseeing.
  • All sightseeing as per the itinerary.
  • All Taxes, Permits etc.
  • 3 nights accommodation in Jaldapara.
  • 2 nights accommodation in Lataguri.
  • Meal Plan - All Meals (optional).


  • Any personal expenses.
  • Any other not mentioned in includes Para.
  • Gorumara is a National Park since 31st January 1994
  • Jaldapara is a National Park since 2012
  • Buxa Fort known for being the oldest fort in Eastern India
  • In the year 2009 Gorumara National Park was declared the best national park in India
  • Bengal Florican one of the rarest species of bird is found in Jaldapara National Park
  • Name of the present king of Bhutan is Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
  • Try to not make sounds inside forest
  • Do not wear bright or fluorescent color inside forest
  • Avoid smoking inside forest
  • Avoid using Deodorant or Perfume inside forest for your own safety
  • Please do not throw plastics (including lozenges wrapper or empty packets of chips) here and there. Use garbage bin.