Image source- I Love Siliguri

The heartbroken news has raised a question about animal safety again. This morning, two elephants got killed by a running train at Batashi near Panitanki. The saddening incident has proved that the railways should take more initiative to avoid such mishaps.

According to the report, Wednesday morning around 5:00 a.m. the Siliguri- Katihar intercity train was running as per the schedule and unfortunately hit the elephants. The elephants with severe injury died after a span of time. This has led to a feeling of sorrow to the concerned people. Moreover, they are questioning the precautions. The unfortunate incident impacted badly to the wildlife. Moreover, it is a threat to them.

The railways should be more conscious about the tracks near the elephant corridor in North Bengal to evade the accidents. Using adequate lights, bypassing the animal zone would help to prevent such collisions, according to the people. Kind locals are paying the last tribute with flowers and praying for their peace of soul.

Two elephants saved from train collision in Gulma

On the other hand, two elephants were saved from being killed by train in Gulma, Siliguri. Report says that the elephants were strolling at the railway track. The conscious engine driver stopped the train at a perfect timing. As a result, saving the poor animals were possible. People are praising the driver for his concern and compassion. Elephants are one of the major attraction in the tourism of Dooars as well as the entire region. Hence, authorities should be more aware to preserve the blessing of nature.