Built-in 1967, the Hollong Bungalow was once a popular tourist attraction deep inside Jaldapara Forest. But on 18th June 2024, a massive fire burns down this iconic accommodation. Despite this setback, locals as well as tourists are demanding its restoration by the government. However, it will take time. Now, if you are wondering which are the best Government Resorts in Dooars just like Hollong, you are on the right page.

Government Resorts in Dooars Similar to Hollong

Have a look at the top government resorts in Dooars that promise a relaxing and memorable stay amidst lush greenery. Just like the famous Hollong Bungalow, these resorts provide an unforgettable experience with their unique charm and excellent amenities.

Neora Jungle Camp

Neora Jungle Camp is a government forest accommodation located inside Gorumara Forest. It is next to the Neora River and Sursuti forest in the Lataguri. To get to Neora Camp, you need to take a side road from the main highway through the forest which feels like an adventurous experience for tourists. Neora Jungle Camp is perfectly situated in the forest and is a must-visit for wildlife lovers. However, you can only stay there if you have prior permission or a booking. You can stay here by booking a Dooars tour package through North Bengal Tourism. The package will also include pick-up, drop-off, sightseeing, transportation and meals. Call at +91 81455 84286 to book now.

Kalipur Eco Village

Kalipur Eco Village is another accommodation in Dooars similar to Hollong. Located in the heart of Gorumara National Park, it lies on the upper flood plains of the Murti and Jaldhaka rivers. The area is rich in nature and wildlife. Animals like one-horned rhinos, elephants, deer, Indian bison as well as Leopards can also be seen nearby. The accommodation is also popular among bird watchers, with common sightings of peacocks, serpent eagles, rufous treepies, bulbuls, drongos, black ibis, greater pied hornbills, and red jungle fowls. North Bengal Tourism’s Dooars Tour Package includes accommodation options at Kalipur Eco Village.

Dhupjhora Elephant Camp

Dhupjora Elephant Camp, also known as Gachbari or tree house, is a unique eco-tourism concept by the forest department. It’s also referred to as Gorumara Elephant Camp. Dhupjhora offers a perfect way to experience the jungle up close, with opportunities to spot wild animals nearby. Walking along the banks of the Murti River or on its riverbed is also very exciting. Watching the sunset from the Murti riverbed creates memories that last a lifetime. It undoubtedly gives a staying experience just like Hollong. Contact North Bengal Tourism to Book a package including accommodation at Dhupjhora Elephant Camp.

Mendabari Jungle Camp

Mendabari Jungle Camp is a forest bungalow and one of the top places to stay in. It’s nestled in the lush green forest where you can see many wild animals. The sunrise and sunset views from here are truly stunning. Just like the above-mentioned resorts, this property is also maintained by the West Bengal Forest Department Corporation (WBFDC). If you have an unfulfilled dream of staying at Hollong, Mendabari Jungle Camp can make your dream come true. You can book it through North Bengal Tourism. The package will also include pick-up, drop-off, sightseeing, transportation and meals.