Elephant Safari in Gorumara National Park

Exploring the dense forest while riding on the majestic elephant’s back can be an experience of a lifetime. The elephant safari in Gorumara National Park of Dooars has caught the attention of many travelers. Gorumara is a national park of Northern West Bengal which has been declared as the best protected area in India by the Ministry of Environment and Forest for the year 2009.

Getting ready for elephant safari in Gorumara
Getting ready for elephant safari in Gorumara

People from far and wide travel towards Gorumara to avail this amazing safari. But since Gorumara has a low elephant population not the all the tourist could get the ticket for elephant safari. According to the data provided by the forest officials, only 45 out of 250 people gets the chance to go on an elephant safari.

So you might be thinking what about the rest of the people and what is the trick of getting an elephant safari ticket.

Well, the rest of the lots are left disappointed.Or they would simply opt for the jeep safari. In order to secure your chances in getting a ticket you need to book a room in a government resort like Kalipur Eco Village and Dhupjhora Rhino Camp. The folks who were staying in Lataguri had little to no chance in getting hold of those precious tickets.

But these were in the past, now even the people staying in Lataguri can get a ticket for elephant safari. According to the forest officials Gorumara National Park is already in the process of adding 20 elephants. And they are coming all the way from Karnataka,yep quite a long journey. Now all its left to do for the tourists is patiently wait for the new members.