Dooars also spelled as “Duars” is a popular tourist destination located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. It is also considered the gateway to the splendid hill station and its adjacent country Bhutan. As it is a vast destination, there are lots of spectacular tourist spots available to visit. However, before visiting, the tourists most of the time find it hard to get adequate information. Here, we have compiled all the frequently asked questions (F.A.Qs) and tried to answer them one by one.

Dooars F.A.Qs and Their Answers

Q. How to reach NJP to Lataguri by taxi or car?

The driving distance from NJP to Lataguri is around 55 km. In order to reach NJP to Lataguri by taxi or car, taking the service from a trusted car rental agency like Himalayan Wheels is wise. The rented car will help you reach Lataguri within 2 hours.

Q. Which networks are available in Dooars?

Most of the mobile networks are available in Dooars. Whether you have a VI Sim, Airtel Sim, or a Jio Sim, the network connection will still be available. However, in some of the places in Dooars network connection can be poor.

Q. What do we get from Dooars?

There are lots of things we get from Dooars. We get woods and many other valuable things such as honey from the jungle of Dooars. The forest region of Dooars is also the natural habitat of many wild animals and it is also the only nitrate-rich plain in India.

Q. Are the forests of Dooars open or closed in May?

The forests of Dooars are open in May. They remain closed from 15th June to 15th September.

Q. Is it safe to tour Dooars now as coronavirus growing?

Dooars is completely safe to visit now even though Coronavirus is growing. The resorts in Dooars are nicely sanitized. If you have already taken the vaccine, you are safe to tour Dooars.

Q. What will be the average total charges for sightseeing in Dooars(5n/6d)?

The average total charges for sightseeing in Dooars(5n/6d) will be 9500 rupees per person. To know the exact price, you can contact North Bengal Tourism.

Q. What is the car rate from Kalimpong to Dooars?

Dooars is a huge region. Depending upon the place you visit, the rate from Kalimpong to Dooars varies. To know the exact car fare, you may contact Himlayan Wheels.

Q. What are the things we must carry while traveling to Dooars?

While traveling to Dooars, you must carry valid government IDs such as the Voter Card and the Aadhar Card, passport-size photographs, required medicines, etc.

Q. Can a baby go Dooars in winter?

The temperature of Dooars does not fall to extreme low. As a result, a baby can easily visit Dooars in winter.

Q. How to make Dooars tour easily? In which places I can stay with lowest price from start to finish I want to know?

You can make Dooars Tour easily with the help of a travel agency. A trusted travel agency like North Bengal Tourism can help you stay at the lowest price from start to finish. You only need to opt for a Dooars Tour Package.

Q. If I go to Dooars which station is nearer?

If you go to Dooars, Alipurduar Junction is one of the major railway stations near it. Another major nearby one is New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP).

Q. How many people visited Dooars every year?

Dooars, due to its ever-growing popularity, is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Q. Is there any entry fee to enter into the Dooars?

There is no entry fee required to enter Dooars. However, to enter certain tourist spots, an entry fee may be required.

Q. Does a person with a British passport need a visa or permit to visit Phuentsholing from Dooars?

Yes, a person with a British passport needs a visa or permit to visit Phuentsholing from Dooars.

Q. What is the most famous thing can you buy from Dooars or things to buy from Dooars for a gift?

You can buy the famous tea of Dooars and for a gift, you can buy many local handcrafted items.

Q. What type of food can be seen in Lataguri?

Different types of foods can be seen in Lataguri. Both veg and non-veg options are available.

Q. Is Jain food available in Dooars?

Yes, Jain foods are available in some of the resorts in Dooars.

Q. Which dress to wear in Dooars in March month?

March is the month of summer in Dooars. In March, wear clothes made with breathable materials like cotton, natural fibers, linens, etc.