The recent implementation of GST (The Goods and Service Tax) has brought about significant changes in the tourism industry and day-to-day commodity prices. As a result, the rates of the Gorumara Jungle Safari in Dooars were also impacted. In our previous post, we provided details of the revised rates of the Jungle Safari. However, the latest update indicates that officials have made notable alterations to the pricing for the Gorumara Jungle Safari in the Gorumara National Park once again.

Revised Charges for Gorumara Jungle Safari:

As we mentioned earlier, the implementation of GST led to a considerable hike in the rates of the Gorumara Jungle Safari. However, upon opening Gorumara for tourists on 16th September, officials promptly recognized that visitors were uncomfortable with the changed prices. Consequently, they made a swift decision to revert the charges of the Jungle Safari back to their original rates. (It’s important to note that every year, the forests of Dooars, including Gorumara, remain closed from 15th June to 15th September.)

Let’s make a detailed comparison of the latest rates of the Gorumara Jungle Safari with the previous rates that were initially adjusted after the GST implementation:

The Latest Rates for Gorumara Jungle Safari:

1. The Parking Fee has reduced to Rs. 100, offering visitors a more budget-friendly option.
2. Additionally, the Guide Charge now stands at Rs. 180, ensuring a more affordable choice for tourists.

Gorumara National Park Watchtower Fee:

  1. For Chapramari Watch Tower, the entry fee has decreased to Rs. 70, providing a more economical option for exploration.
  2. Similarly, the Chukchuki Watch Tower now has an entry fee of Rs. 70, allowing visitors to experience wildlife without burdening their wallets.
  3. Furthermore, the entry fee for the enchanting Chandrachur Watchtower is now set at Rs. 70, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the park’s serene atmosphere.
  4. Lastly, the entry fee for the thrilling Medla Watchtower has reduced to Rs. 120, creating a more enticing adventure opportunity.

Previous Rates:

  1. In contrast, the Parking Fee had been set at Rs. 300, which was significantly higher than the current rate.
  2. Similarly, the Guide Charge had previously been Rs. 200, indicating a notable decrease in the latest pricing.

Gorumara National Park Watchtower Fee:

  1. For Chapramari Watch Tower, the entry fee had been Rs. 110, which has now decreased to Rs. 70, making it a more economical option for wildlife enthusiasts.
  2. In the case of the Chukchuki Watch Tower, the previous entry fee was Rs. 110, but now visitors can explore at a more affordable rate of Rs. 70.
  3. Previously, the entry fee for Chandrachur Watchtower had been Rs. 110, but it has now been revised to Rs. 70, offering visitors a cost-effective means of experiencing the park’s beauty.
  4. Lastly, the entry fee for the Medla Watchtower had previously been Rs. 160, which has considerably reduced to Rs. 120, making it a more attractive destination for adventure seekers.


The Gorumara Jungle Safari remains a highly sought-after attraction in the Dooars region, and its pricing adjustments due to the GST implementation initially caused discomfort among tourists. However, officials promptly responded to valuable visitor feedback by taking swift action to revert the charges to their previous state. As a result, visitors can now enjoy the mesmerizing wildlife and natural beauty of Gorumara National Park at the updated rates, making it a truly memorable experience for all. Plan your trip to Gorumara today and embark on an unforgettable Jungle Safari with budget-friendly options to explore this captivating wilderness!